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According to Facebook’s own statistics, more than two million advertisers spend money to promote their businesses on this large social media platform. While businesses of all sizes use this platform to help engage new customers and retain old ones, many advertisers are small- to medium-sized companies. Because Facebook is very flexible about the minimum advertising spend, even the smallest companies can afford to test and implement advertising campaigns.  One very attractive feature of this platform is that the barrier to entry is set low.

Kinds of Facebook Advertisements

This platform supports a number of different kinds of advertisements for marketers to choose from. The right choice usually depends upon the main objective for the advertisement. For example, marketers may hope to increase direct traffic to their own website, encourage app downloads, or help engage more users on their own Facebook business page.

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Types of Facebook Ads

Domain ads: This simple and traditional type of Facebook advertisement only shows up in the right column. It’s meant to send traffic to an external website. The advertisement can include a title, description, website URL, and a small thumbnail picture. The CTR of these kinds of ads may be fairly low, but they still may work out to provide fairly inexpensive traffic.

Page posts: These are really handy ads, and they have become quite common. They can show up on the right side, directly in the news feed, and on mobile Facebook. They can include a larger image, text, and a website link. However, they also include a link to a Facebook page, so the advertisement might help increase direct traffic and page likes.

These kinds of Facebook ads help promote Facebook business or posts:

Page like ads: For marketers with fairly new or inactive pages, these ads can provide a way to boost the number of people who like the page. Like ads can be displayed in the news feed, on mobile Facebook, and in the main news feed. The main features of page like ads are a prominent picture and a call to action.

Post video or picture ads: Both video and picture ads are designed to help increase post engagement. Recently, video ads have been performing very well too. They are mostly meant to help increase the number of likes and comments for an individual post. However, marketers can also insert another direct link in the description to try to route some traffic right to a website. Both video and picture posts ads can get inserted in the right sidebar, in the news feed, and on the mobile version of Facebook.

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Using Facebook Ads Effectively

One advantage of using ads on this platform is the ease of selecting an audience. For all types of ads, marketers or business owners have the ability to target their audience quite well by selecting things like age, location, and interests. Of course, a narrow focus will limit exposure. Still, companies who can target their audience by looking at data from their existing or expected customer base may have a chance to improve conversions.

Also, businesses should almost always create a business page before spending money on advertising. This page helps increase engagement, and it’s at least part of the focus of the most popular advertising types on this social site.

Can Companies Profit From Investing in Facebook Advertising?

HubSpot published some amazing statistics about current Facebook use. Almost 1.4 billion users have accounts, and just about 1.2 billion users also use Facebook on their cell phones and other mobile devices. If it’s any sign that the platform can help businesses increase revenues, it’s interesting to note that the average cost of ad units has increased by 122 percent from 2014 to 2015. Since advertisers bid on placement, this shows that marketers are willing to spend more to compete for their requested ad types and ad placements.



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