This is how content marketing helps SEO

Not only is content marketing critical for SEO, but you really can’t separate the two.

There are many components of digital marketing, such as content marketing, SEO, inbound marketing, social media marketing etc. However, these different aspects of digital marketing don’t work independently of each other; they’re all interconnected. Content marketing can help SEO. Social media marketing can enhance inbound marketing. Content marketing can boost inbound marketing. This is why this article from Entrepreneur recommends “a holistic marketing strategy.” In order to understand how this works, you need to have a solid understanding of marketing concepts.

For the purposes of this article, let’s just consider content marketing and SEO. How are the two related? How can focusing on one improve the other? And is it necessary for you, as a small business owner, to understand these two aspects of marketing in the digital world?

Content Marketing and SEO

In order to answer all the above questions, you first need to have clear definitions of content marketing and SEO.

  • Content marketing refers to tweaking the content of your website, blog or social media pages in order to attract and retain customers. For most people, the term “content” refers to the writing on your website. But even the images and videos you use can fall under the term “content.” Anything that you put on your website for your customers to view or read can be referred to as content. Using content that brings you new or returning customers is the aim of content marketing.
  • SEO refers to search engine optimization. It’s the process of tweaking your website, blog or social media pages in order to get a good page ranking with search engines like Google or Bing. The faster your website shows up in internet searches, the more viewers you’re going to have. And at least a fixed percentage of these viewers are going to turn into customers. So the more viewers you attract, the more customers you find.

As you can see, the final aims of content marketing and SEO are the same: finding and retaining customers. It’s just that content marketing is geared towards appealing to customers directly whereas SEO is geared towards appealing to customers via search engines. In order to do this, SEO must take the complex algorithms of search engines into consideration.

How Content Marketing Helps SEO: Good Writing

For good content marketing, you need to have good writing. You may not think that the layperson is interested in the quality of writing on your website. People don’t consciously think about the spelling and grammar of the content they’re reading. They’re not interested in knowing whether you’ve used an extended or a limited vocabulary of words. They don’t care about simple or complex sentence structures.

However, if you put a piece of bad writing in front of someone, they’re sure to recognize it. It interrupts their flow. They get distracted by the mistakes in it and they forget about why they came to your website in the first place. They might go away with a negative impression, which prompts them to go to a different vendor. So good writing is essential for content marketing.

As this article from Forbes states, “Choose a topic for your content, then include a variety of keywords and phrases that will help you to flesh out the piece.” The keyword in this quote is “variety,” which is necessary for good writing and, consequently, content marketing.

And, as it turns out, good writing also helps to promote your SEO. Given that search engines have now become quite complex, they measure the effectiveness of your website and how useful it will be to viewers on the basis of a number of algorithms. They look into the variety of words used in your content. They check to see whether you use simple or complex sentence structures. So basically, they end up checking the quality of your writing.

As a result, writing well for your website, which is indispensable for content marketing, also improves your SEO. It gives your website an edge when it comes to search engine rankings.

How Content Marketing Helps SEO: Striking Images

When it comes to content marketing, your images are very important. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Although this may not be true of all pictures, the fact is that an image has an immediate impact on the viewer. You see an image before you read the writing on a website. So it’s the image which makes the first impression. And, as Malcolm Gladwell says in his book Blink, people always return to their first impressions, sooner or later.

For content marketing, it’s in your best interests to use striking images which will make good first impressions. But there’s a difference between striking images and just pleasant ones. Striking images have a lot of contrast. They use bright colors. They’re not overly complex. A pleasant image, on the other hand, creates an overall good impression but isn’t eye-grabbing. For example, a Jackson Pollock painting is generally striking while a Monet painting is usually pleasant.

When it comes to SEO as well, striking images can give you an edge. As per this article in Huffington Post, “Image-rich media ranks very well in search.” When you do a search on Google, you get some images as well as some websites in your results. But given that these images are just tiny thumbnails, they have to be really striking to grab the internet surfer’s attention. They need to be clear, with a lot of contrast. It also helps if they contain bright colors. Once again, a Pollock is going to win over a Monet.

So the same types of images that you use in content marketing give you an edge when it comes to SEO.

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