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Over the last few years, HubSpot has emerged as the leader in inbound marketing. Its powerful platform has allowed marketers, brands and companies around the world to optimize their marketing and dramatically improve their revenue. Inbound marketing has shown over and over to be more effective. In fact, content marketing returns three times more leads than outbound marketing per dollar spent. Even though outbound marketing is so much more effective, there are still a few HubSpot tips and tricks companies can use to truly optimize their experience.

The first thing companies need to do is take advantage of lead segmentation. Leads have traditionally come in large bundles that are all treated the same way. However, this did not reflect the fact that different leads are at different stages of the sales life cycle. Some potential clients have a vague idea of your service and whether they need it or not. Others have a deep understanding of your company, your specific product and are ready to close on a sale. Leads at the early part of the sales cycle need to speak with product experts. Those at the end of the cycle need to speak with sales people. HubSpot helps to determine the lead stage (early, middle or late) and automatically route the lead to the right person. Be sure to take advantage of this function.

Consumers are sometimes afraid to purchase goods over the internet, especially if they have never used them before. They also fear their credit card number being stolen. Financial or medical products have an even higher barrier to entry as consumers do not want their health or banking information to be leaked. For that reason you should post security seals such as “Norton Secured”. HubSpot provides the conduit to these services and the ability to include them in marketing messages on your site.

Sometimes HubSpot provides solutions that are not exactly original, but provide them in a new and innovative way so that you do not have to re-invest the wheel. Virtually every sale and marketing executive has e-mail templates they use to reach out to multiple parties. However, HubSpot has created a series of industry segmented templates which have outstanding reply rates. That’s because they have been optimized for the words, phrases and content that industry executives respond to.

The HubSpot COS has its own interesting tips and tricks. For example, mobile advertising has been booming and companies are optimizing their marketing outreach for these devices. In the COS, you can develop marketing templates and designs that specifically look good on mobile devices. To do so, simply select the different devices on the page editing screen of the COS. Once you choose the right mobile device, you will literally see what the consumer sees on that device. Then simply move the images, text and spacing around until the site looks right. The same goes for the other mobile devices and even the desktop. If consumers cannot easily read you message, it will likely be lost.

Another little known tip is to create global groups in the HubSpot COS. In order to reuse modules, you can group them together in the design center and save them as a group. Next you add the specific design element such as the header or footer to your webpage, taking directly from the group. You can be confident that the format will be uniform across all pages because it is saved globally. That significantly reduces the time and energy that you need to put into redesigning and building out webpages.

HubSpot OS contains wonderful email marketing tools. However, changing link colors in emails is a little tricky. To do so, simply click the source code button (<>) in the rich text module with the links that you would like to edit. Next, find the HTML hex code for the color you want to change to. Finally, replace the old code for the new one (i.e. style=”color: #f99d1c;”>Sign Up Now) and save to the editor.

Inbound marketing has proven to be much more cost effective than outbound marketing. In fact, mid-size companies demonstrated that inbound marketing costs were 31% lower than paid search efforts. That is in part because content is so tailored to the visitor that they are much more likely to turn into a customer. HubSpot OS allows smart content and smart CTA’s. Instead of a page full of every type of content, it is unique to the visitor based on the lead source. For example, a lead that checks they are interested in insurance products and not stock investments will only see information on life insurance when they land on a financial conglomerate’s landing page. If the user is anonymous, the content is still customized based on the user’s location and whether they are using a mobile device or not.

HubSpot also allows the creation of personas. Take advantage of these to provide unique content and develop a consistent following. In fact, there is a specific HubSpot Personas Tool. The personas are then directly linked to each page that they are displayed. The system maps out the pages and offers that are best to connect to specific personas, and then allow you to measure the results in the future. Using these analytics, you can continue to optimize the persona until and watch as revenue increases while spending stays the same.


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