How HubSpot’s Smart Content Can Enhance Your Website

Within just a few years, HubSpot has become the premier inbound marketing software available in the market. Considering the many success metrics indicating how the inbound philosophy can enhance and grow your business, that’s saying something. And there’s a reason why HubSpot continues to be a lead in this field: continued innovation in its features.

Over the last few months, we’ve already shared a number of HubSpot tips and tricks that can help you become a more effective marketer. From optimizing your landing page forms to boosting your on-page SEO, some of the software’s most advanced features can be unlocked simply with some knowledge and experience on the platform. Here’s another one of those examples: smart content, a way to personalize your website to each visitor.

The Need for Content Personalization

As marketers continue to gather data about their audience at ever-increasing rates, audiences are beginning to expect that practice to make a difference. Chances are that your potential customers know or at least suspect just how much you know about them. Now, they’re expecting you to put that knowledge to good use.

In fact, 74% of customers across industries get frustrated when a website does not offer them personalized content that actually meets their individual needs and interests. Meanwhile, 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand if that business recognizes them by name, offers options based on part purchases, and/or knows their purchase history.

Personalization, in other words, is no longer optional. For maximum marketing success, your website needs to accommodate your users in a way that ensures an individualized browsing experience.

HubSpot’s Smart Content Tool as a Personalization Driver

For many marketers, personalizing your website seems impossible. But with a software platform like HubSpot, the opposite can be true. In fact, because the software integrates a web design tool with a contact database, you can use data from individual leads and customers to dynamically adjust the content based on the individual visitor.

Here’s how HubSpot describes the concept:

By creating Smart Lists that recognize your different lifecycle stages, you can customize the content that people in each lifecycle stage will see. When a visitor comes to your website, they bring some context with them for that session, including any cookie that was attached to them from a previous session on your website.

In addition, HubSpot also gathers data from anonymous visit, based on their country, device type, and referral source. Even if they have never visited your website, you can still show them content based on these targeting mechanisms.

Within the software, you can create smart forms, smart call to action buttons, smart text, smart HTML content, and even smart email content. In other words, almost every aspect of your web design strategy can be built so that it changes dynamically based on user characteristics.

This tutorial walks you through the process of creating dynamic, smart content for your website within HubSpot. You can also create default content for anyone that doesn’t match the personalization criteria, ensuring that no visitor falls through the cracks of your targeting mechanisms.

Once you go through these steps, the results will be significant. In fact, a HubSpot-internal study across 93,000 websites found that personalized CTAs created with the smart content tool performed 42% better than general, static call to action buttons.

3 Potential Applications for Smart Content in Your Web Design

In short, HubSpot’s smart content tool can lead to a significant boost in the success of your website and lead generation strategy. To get you started, here are a few ways in which you can use the platform to get started right away:

1. Greet Visitors By Their First Name

It’s a seemingly simple application, but a powerful one nonetheless. By using smart content, you can make sure that every lead returning to your website will be greeted immediately by their first name. Given that 58% of consumers become more likely to buy from you when greeted by first name, this small change can make a big difference.

Of course, you can take similar steps for just about every other piece of information you gather about your leads. For example, when targeting businesses, you can change the content from referring and applying to small vs. medium or large businesses depending on what you know about your leads’ organizations.

2. Drive Leads Through the Funnel

Someone already in your sales funnel probably won’t need the same type of introductory content that a first-time visitor does. Change your content to become more sales-focused for existing leads in order to drive leads through the funnel, and turn your website from a top of the funnel focus to embrace the entire buyer’s journey.

3. Match Website and Email Content

Finally, smart content can help you build website and email content that always match. In digital marketing achieving consistency and avoiding cognitive dissonance is key. The same smart content models in both emails and website can work toward that consistency, maximizing your conversions as a result.

Of course, these are just a few of the many potential applications of this feature. Smart content is yet another example of HubSpot’s capabilities in helping you achieve inbound marketing success. Through continuous innovation, the platform continues to remain at the top of countless marketers’ lists for tools to grow their business.

As beneficial as the tool is, it can also be difficult to set up for anyone not familiar with HubSpot’s platform and internal logic. So if you need help in making sure that you use smart content to its fullest potential, or in any other aspect of the software, contact us. We’d love to work with you to make sure that your website takes the next step toward becoming a conversion machine.

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