How to Improve Pinterest Engagement for Better Traffic and Leads

Boasting over 100 million active users, Pinterest offers a great opportunity to drive visitors to your website, capture new leads, and grow brand awareness. This highly visual platform is filled with consumers who are ready to engage with your content. It’s the perfect source to share your brands story, connect with a new audience, highlight products, and bring more exposure to your company.

Perhaps you’re looking for ways to better foster engagement from your Pinterest audience. Or maybe you’re new to the platform and seeking tips to hit the ground running. The following illustrates different tactics and techniques to leveraging Pinterest in your social media marketing strategy that gets more eyeballs to your content, traffic to your site, and leads in your sales funnel.


7 Ways to Improve Pinterest Engagement for Your Social Media Marketing

#1 Use Long Visuals to Stand Out

Since Pinterest is saturated with images, it’s easy for followers to scroll by and overlook your visuals. Henceforth, your images must be enticing enough that it stands out and grabs attention. Long visuals does the trick and is the best way to separate your brand from the masses.

Actually, the size that generally generates the most engagement from Pinterest images and graphics are typically the longer ones (736 by 1102px). For this reason, infographics do amazingly well on Pinterest. Easily add more infographics into your visual strategy by following these tips and going to sites like Infogr.am to simply create your own!


#2 Create a Board for Your Blog Content

Having a Pinterest board solely for your blog posts is an excellent strategy to driving more traffic to your website. A blog board makes it easy for your audience to locate, peruse, and follow your content regularly. This strategy also enhances your SEO ranking since you’re sharing it on a social media site.

Simply creating a Pinterest board solely for your blog posts is a great move to driving fresh visitors to your content. Your blog board will make it easy for your audience to find, read, and follow regularly. This tactic also improves your blog posts SEO ranking sharing it on a social media site.

When choosing your board’s name, focus on keywords that your audience is actively searching for to boost chances of it showing up in Pinterest search results. Include a good description that provides further insight to your content and what followers can expect. Go for a couple of sentences and naturally sprinkle your keyword throughout your message.

Finally, remember to share your blog post link in each of your Pins to send traffic to your site.


#3 Repin Relevant Content from Other Accounts

As with any social platform, sharing others’ valuable content is a best practice and reveals that you are actively involved in your industry. It shows that you’re engaged and enjoy providing different perspectives beyond your own. You’re also tapping into influencer marketing, which is a powerful strategy to expanding your reach online.

Plan to repin relevant content by following these steps:

  • Use Pinterest’s search bar to locate keywords relating to your brand
  • After finding a Pin you want to repin, select “Save”
  • Select your board where you want the repin to be placed that’s relevant to the content


#4 Don’t Forget to be Social!

Pinterest is social media, so you want to be just as conversational and engaging as you would be on Facebook and Twitter. You can initiate conversation through direct messaging to ask for feedback on your content, respond to a recent pin, or express gratitude. Commenting on others’ content is another way to further engagement. These personalized gestures can go a long way in separating your brand from the rest.

In fact, here are just a few more reasons and ways to connect with followers on Pinterest:

  • Start relationships to build the know, like and trust factor with your audience
  • Share coupons or discounts to re-pinners as a way of saying “thank you” for sharing your post. Direct them to a landing page where they opt-in your list to get your special offer
  • Reach out to fans who have “liked” a product and offer them assistance towards purchasing that item


#5 Get Involved in Pinterest Contributor Boards

A strong method to gaining traction to your website is by sharing your pins to a Pinterest contributor board. Known as Pinterest’s group boards, people collaborate and post related pins for all to see. The obvious benefits of leveraging contributor boards include massive exposure to your content, an increase in repins, and adding new fans of your brand.

It’s also ideal for bonding with other social influences. You’ll gain fresh ideas from these new connections and stay in-the-know on the topics that are creating momentum in your niche.

Be sure that you read the rules of the board for adherence. Every group board is different and you don’t’ want to be banned from not knowing their unique policies.


#6 Opt for Popular Keywords In Lieu of Hashtags

On Pinterest, keywords actually work better than adding a host of hashtags in your pins. Truthfully, Pinterest will demote your pins if you mention too many hashtags. Instead, use keywords in your pin and board descriptions so they show up in people’s Pinterest search results.

However, if you are a hashtag fan, opt for just a few.

A good way to discover what’s trending on Pinterest to drive traffic is by looking at the “Popular” section that reveals the hot topics for the day. Let it serve as a guide for topic ideas you should be sharing that resonates best with your audience.


#7 Use Pinterest Analytics to Discover More about Your Audience

Curious to know how your content is performing? Use Pinterest’s built-in analytics to find what boards have the most impressions, clicks, and repins. This data is golden because it helps shape your marketing strategy to what your audience likes. From knowing the times to post your content to understanding what types of content interests your followers the most, you can tailor your it to your market’s needs to improve responsiveness.

Get the most out of your pins by becoming familiar with analytic data.


Pinterest is a solid platform to execute your social media marketing strategy. Check out 2-3 of the tips mentioned in your marketing and see which tactics creates the best results from your audience. Keep what’s working and fine-tune (or take out) what’s not. With consistency, you’ll experience a boost in your Pinterest engagement, enriching your overall content marketing plan.

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