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It’s Pulling vs. Pushing

Inbound marketing is the art of pulling your customers towards your offering instead of pushing them there with intrusive ads and promotions. Now, contrary to what the industry might think, this doesn’t mean that outbound marketing doesn’t play a part in inbound marketing. On the contrary, we craft campaigns that blend inbound marketing and outbound marketing into a seamless traffic generating system.

The trick to maintaining a genuine inbound marketing message while still leveraging ads and promotion is to do so with informative ads that help distribute your content, rather than intrusive ads that blast the customers with your products.

When built correctly, we ensure that your Marketo, HubSpot, Infusionsoft, or other inbound marketing system becomes a lead generating machine for your business!

But if you still have some questions regarding inbound marketing, here are some of the common ones we answer all the time:

Q. What is the difference between Inbound Marketing and Content Marketing?

A. Think of content marketing as a tactic within inbound marketing. Inbound marketing is a methodology rather than a strategy. It means that you are changing how you are attracting your customers and treating them once they get to your site. Content marketing is the act of creating the content and distributing it. This plays a part of Inbound Marketing.

Q. Do I need to use HubSpot to do Inbound Marketing?

A. Nope. As we just mentioned, Inbound Marketing is a methodology. It requires you, as an organization, to start pulling your customers towards you as opposed to pushing them. This can be done with a number of different tools. Although, HubSpot is one of our favorites. 🙂

Q. Is Inbound Marketing expensive?

A. It can be. But so can every other type of marketing. Really it just boils down to how much are you going to outsource and how much are you going to handle internally. If you can find the right mix of internal and external efforts, then you can create a campaign within almost any budget.

Q. What are the advantages of using an inbound marketing agency?

A. Simply put, we have the experience and knowledge that has been gained from doing inbound marketing for years. We can accelerate the deployment of almost any inbound marketing campaign and can create shortcuts that just wouldn’t be available to the average marketer.

Q. How do I begin with Inbound Marketing?

A. Probably one of the best places to start is with a blog and some social promotion. If you can start drawing clients to your site to engage with your blog, you’ll have the seed of an inbound marketing campaign.

Q. Does inbound marketing help with SEO?

A. Oh, you betcha! After all, social media and content play huge parts in modern day SEO. So, if you’re creating high quality content and promoting it on social media, it would beg to reason that your SEO will be positively impacted.

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Buyer Personas

If you don’t know who you’re targeting, then how can you possibly create the right marketing campaign?

Our team starts by identifying your customers at a granular level and finding out everything that engages them and drives them to interact with your marketing. Then we use those personas as a blueprint for all of our other activities.

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Marketing Automation

While Inbound Marketing is a great idea and concept, it does require some robust systems to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible. Because of this we recommend that our customers have one of the many marketing automation tools on the market.

We’re partners with many of them and can facilitate a seamless onboarding process. Before you pay thousands of dollars in onboarding fees to the software companies, speak with us and see if we can help you avoid those fees and give you the best onboarding experience possible.


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