LinkedIn ads and how to use them

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LinkedIn entered the pay per click advertising arena later than other providers. But, ads on this network can offer unique benefits to B2B businesses. But, like any network, you need to ensure that your ads are a good fit for the site and that you are using them to your best advantage.

Who Can Benefit from LinkedIn Ads

Unlike Facebook or Google AdWords, which allow you to reach general consumer audiences, LinkedIn ads bring you a more targeted audience. This is a place ideal for B2B advertising where you can specifically reach decision makers. While other platforms can be a better fit for vacation rentals and plumbing services, LinkedIn is the place to sell marketing services, accounting, ERP solutions and other business-specific products. According to Moz, there are 1.3 million small business owners on LinkedIn.

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Core Principles of LinkedIn Ads

Relevant, Valuable, Personalized. 

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Setting Up Your First LinkedIn Ad Campaign

To begin creating ads on LinkedIn, you will need to log in to your Campaign Manager. This is located in the Business Services section at the top of your homepage on LinkedIn. Once on the page, select “Advertise.” Those advertising for the first time will need to click Add Account and supply the relevant information and add a method of payment.

If you have a short promotional message, a text ad can be the ideal vehicle. You’ll begin by creating a campaign. Create a unique name that is relevant to your current marketing objective. For instance, if you are marketing SEO services to companies in Tampa, you could name your campaign “Tampa SEO.” By choosing a descriptive name, you are better able to look back later at your ad. A name like “Ad 1” will not be as useful to you later on once you’ve created several campaigns.

LinkedIn allows you to create ads in over one dozen languages. While ads cannot be automatically translated, you can create multiple ads for audiences in different languages.

Come up with a short, compelling headline. When creating a headline, think in terms of benefits instead of features. How does your product or service meet your prospects’ needs? You have up to 25 characters for your headline.

Once you’ve created the headline, expand in the text of your ad. Ad text can take up to 75 characters. Make sure that your ad text contains a compelling call to action. Decide what you want the customer to do. Do you want them to purchase an ebook? Make an appointment for a consultation? Make sure that you are clear about what you want to make it easy for them.

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Track Your Results

As with any online ad, it is best to create a dedicated landing page for your campaign. This allows you to better track your conversions as well as the return on your investment over the life of the customer. Plus, you can ensure that customers see only a dedicated message with a clear CTA and are not distracted by extraneous content.

Once all creatives have been added, you can select your target audience. LinkedIn allows you to target geographically, by company size and by role within an organization. It only takes a few minutes to get these set, after which you can high Launch Campaign to make your text ad go live.

You can create up to 15 variations of an ad. We recommend doing several so you can see which approach is most effective with the audience on LinkedIn.

By carefully examining each ad’s results and watching your analytics throughout a campaign, you can learn how to target LinkedIn members most effectively. Over time, you will create ads that convert and bring the best possible B2B customers to your business.


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