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There are a number of important techniques for local SEO optimization. It’s very different from optimizing your site for a national audience, since you want to clearly target your state and city, along with the people who live there. If you aren’t reaching out to the right people, and the words and phrases you use aren’t what your customers would search for, the business you want and need in that locality will go to your competitors. For smaller businesses that aren’t well known, or don’t have name recognition, poor local optimization for their SEO could even put them right out of business.

Business Citations

Business citations, which are mentions of your business on other sites, can be critical to helping your local SEO optimization. When you have your business mentioned on the sites of other local businesses, you can get “overflow” customers who may realize that you have something they need. That can give you an important advantage over your competitors, and can also help more people find you. When customers go to the business where you’re mentioned and see your information and link, you get the chance that they will click the link to come visit your site. While there are no guarantees, the more reputable, local sites you’re listed on, the better.

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The Map Is The Key

Google Maps and other sites that provide specific location information offer great opportunities for local optimization of your SEO. Not only do they give you a larger internet presence by having your information listed on another site, but they also help customers find you easily, and that can bring more people through your doors. SEO map optimization is necessary, though, if you’re going to get the most benefit from having your business mapped. If you don’t optimize the information that the mapping site displays, you’re losing out on marketing that won’t cost you anything and could bring you many more customers. Always make sure any information about your business is locally optimized, including what mapping sites list about you.

Keep Up With Mobile

The Rules Are Changing

Mobile Search Optimization

As more internet users turn to their mobile devices, businesses have to change their focus and ensure their sites are capable of being found and utilized on a mobile platform. That’s particularly important when it comes to local SEO optimization, because a lot of customers use mobile devices like their smartphones when they are driving or walking around. They need to be able to find your business if you want them to buy from you, and having a site that has mobile search optimization will help ensure your site will show up and be easy for potential customers to navigate. If customers can find your physical location more easily, you won’t be losing out to your competitors due to a lack of optimization in your mobile search strategy.

Location Information

Is your location information up to date? Are you sure? If your business moved at any point, you should be checking directories to what address is listed as your location. If some of the directories have it wrong, or if even one of them has it wrong, you want to take the necessary steps to correct it. Having incorrect directory information can really hurt your business, since people who head to your old location and don’t find you there may be upset and won’t try to track you down—they’ll just go to a competitor instead. Don’t let them get away! Update your location information on any site where it’s listed, and make sure you optimize your directory information for local SEO. That will greatly increase your chances of getting found.

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