Matt Cutts Announces that Guest Blog Posting is Dead!

Guest Blogging


Blackhat SEOs, Whitehat SEOs, and spammers around the world let out a cry of anger yesterday.  Upon hearing the news of Matt Cutts condemning the now ubiquitous practice of guest blogging, digital marketers saw one of their best tools for ranking client’s websites go out the window.  Which is a shame because guest blogging, in its purest form, is a completely legitimate link building process.  But, just like many other previous methods, spammers and blackhat SEO practitioners have destroyed this tool through overuse and low quality.

But I’m here to tell you that guest blogging isn’t dead.  Yes, it’s dead if you were spamming blogs, using aliases, and posting on low quality sites.  But guest blog posting when done the right way, is still one of the most viable ways to get links and visitors to your sites.  Here are some things you need to keep in mind to keep your guest blog posting campaign alive:

1. Don’t post on low authoritative sites

2. Don’t post on sites that are part of a network

3. Don’t post on a site that requires you to pay to post

4. Don’t put rich anchor text in the body of your post

5. Do not use aliases

6. Do not change content slightly and then repost it on another site

7. Do not hire a third party that specializes in mass guest blog posting

8. Do not use guest blog posting as your only link building strategy

If you follow these rules, you should be safe from Google algorithm updates and avoid any manual actions or penalties.

The added benefit of all of this is that the spammers and blackhatters will slowly dwindle away and move on to the next easily replicated method of link building.  I’ve never felt threatened as an SEO expert when it came to Google.  I’ve always felt that Google is simply making it harder for those that are doing things the wrong way to succeed.  Those of us that are continuing to do the right stuff will be just fine.



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