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It’s all about those titles and descriptions, folks!

If marketing were a baseball game, creating a streamlined website and churning out interesting content would be the 7th inning stretch part of the game. This is contrary to the way marketers, even smart ones (although not as smart as you) frequently devise their marketing strategies. But the “build the website and they will come” philosophy is outdated and sets companies up for paltry return on their marketing investment. Remember this:

You’ve gotta be found first.

Tons of shoppers begin their buying journey on search engines. If your company isn’t found there, then it doesn’t matter how informative and compelling your website. You will be as invisible to them as Wonder Woman’s plane.

Even more news that will make you nauseous is that the shopper WILL find your competitors who chose to take the time to set their businesses up to be found and ranked by Google and company. Don’t let that happen!

Instead of starting only with a website, begin at the beginning by brainstorming short, valuable meta descriptions that explain your content and demonstrate your relevance to the search engine “crawlers” that review and rank your web pages.  Mastering these five meta title tips will set your company up to rank high on search engines and bring more traffic your way. Plus, it will make your competitors cry.

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Meta, Meta, Meta!

Metadata optimization may seem like a game, and it’s one you want to win. By committing to relevant keywords, your marketing team empowers themselves to create brief, spot-on meta titles and unique, non-spammy meta descriptions. Consistently mastering these five tips gives you a greater chance of ending up on the first page of searches, drives more potential customers to your website, and hopefully, makes your competitors cry.

Five Rules of Metadata

You’ve gotta step up your meta game, bruh.

#1: Understand your essential message. SEO is all about creating a roadmap of relevancy that leads prospects to your website. Rev up your mind and pinpoint words and phrases that encompass your message. If you only had a handful of words, what would you want your buyers to know? These answers are vital components of your meta descriptions.

#2: Love your keywords like your grammar. Drill down to specific keywords that relate to your overall message. Think about your product or service and who uses them. Once you create a list of keywords, create content that includes them, and add them to the meta title and meta descriptions of each page. Take care to only utilize keywords that are physically present on the related page. Otherwise, search engines view them as irrelevant and your SEO won’t get a boost.

#3: Don’t include your entire life story.  Embrace brevity. Aim for each meta title to be 60 characters or less, and your meta descriptions to be 160 characters or less. Again, put those beloved, relevant keywords to work when creating both. The search engines will love you for it.

#4: Avoid being spammy. Search engines will break up with you faster for this than any other reason. Resist the urge to stuff keywords into your metadata. It may seem like a good idea, but, if the search engines pick up on your tactics, you will end up in the back of the rankings pack, and all your efforts are as wasted as a pepperoni pizza ordered for a supermodel.

#5: Create unique meta descriptions for each page. Using the same old meta description for all your website pages offers diminishing returns. Search engines see through this shortcut, especially if the keywords aren’t present on each web page. Greater visibility demands taking time to write different descriptions for each page.

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