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Optimizing your website is about more than just content. Microdata and metadata also need to be SEO ready. Unfortunately, many people ignore those areas, or don’t understand them well. The more you know about microdata, the better off you will be in optimizing your site for SEO and ensuring that customers can find it in search results. That could make the difference in ranking well or not so well, and will affect how many people find your site in their search results. The more people who find your site, the higher the chances you’ll gain customers, so your business can grow.

What is Microdata?

Microdata is the HTML code used to place metadata within the content that already exists on webpages. Browsers, search engines, and web crawlers are all able to extract that microdata and process it. By doing that, they can offer a better experience to site visitors. Search engines use the microdata to understand what is actually provided on the webpage, so more relevant search results can be provided. The application used to nest the microdata into the content on the page is called WHATWG (Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group) HTML, and was created in 2004. People from the Mozilla Foundation, Opera Software, and Apple all collaborated to bring the value of microdata to completion.

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But Why Is It Important For SEO?


Microdata is important for SEO because it is part of what is read by search engines, web crawlers, and browsers. If there is no SEO microdata, any program that crawls the website will not find additional information that can be used to provide further value to people who are searching. The HTML elements of a site can be annotated more simply through microdata, since it provides tags that are machine-readable. SEO is a significant part of marketing yourself or your company on the web, and when it’s done right it can make a big difference in who finds you.

While most people know that the content they put on their site should be optimized for SEO, not as many people realize that microdata is just as valuable. They tend to ignore it, just like a lot of the metadata that they could do so much more with. There are alternatives to making that choice, though. Understanding microdata and how it works means getting big value from the information the search engines, browsers, and web crawlers collect about your site. The more information you provide, and in the right format, the easier it will be for visitors to find your site and know what it offers.

Best Practices for Microdata

Mind your P’s & Q’s

Best Practices for Microdata

Among the best practices for microdata include paying close attention to the schema, which is the plan for the site based on a model or an outline. There are a number of schemas available, including product, organization, review, event, person, offer, breadcrumb, and more. By choosing a common vocabulary contained in one of these schemas, your microdata will be more likely to be ranked highly by search engines. If you choose a vocabulary that is not popular or common, search engines and other programs that crawl the web may have trouble determining exactly what your microdata is providing or what your site offers.

While it can be fun and interesting to create your own vocabulary to provide uniqueness to your microdata, that’s not the place to be unique. It’s better to stick with the tried and true options that work well, so you raise your chances of higher search engine rankings. Also, using existing vocabularies helps perfect what these vocabularies offer, so your site and other sites all benefit from more appropriate rankings.

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