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There are two ways to optimize your SEO: nationally and locally. To focus on national optimization, you want to make sure you’re providing content and using optimization techniques that are more general.

Getting found no matter where the searcher is from is particularly important for companies that are online only. Without a physical location, and for companies that have one main, home site and a lot of location-based offshoot sites (such as you might see with a big franchise), there are a number of important areas to consider when you optimize your SEO on a national level.

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Your keywords can’t just be about your industry, they also have to be about your company. If you focus only on your industry, you could accidentally send search engine traffic to your competitors’ sites. Naturally, that’s something you really want to avoid. Instead of taking that risk, make sure your keywords are tied not just to what you do, but to who you are as a company. Brand those keywords to your company, so customers who search for your industry keywords are going to find your site ranking first in their search.

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Onsite Optimization

Having great SEO optimization on your site matters. You can do that through a blog to keep content fresh, but you also want to make sure all your pages are optimized. Whether it’s a product description or a meta tag, it needs proper SEO to be effective. Keywords (in moderation—no keyword stuffing!) should be added to everything, including the captions and meta data for pictures, in order to get the maximum effect from national SEO optimization on your site.

Mobile Optimization

Another important issue to consider is whether or not your site is optimized for mobile. More and more people are turning to their tablets and phones for information and to access internet sites. While the computer is still frequently used, you do want to have a mobile-optimized site that everyone can use with ease. Especially with national optimization, not having a mobile presence (or having a bad mobile presence) can really hurt your business. It can also harm franchises and/or local affiliates, because people who visit your site on a mobile device will generally assume their local site has the same optimization issues.

Business Mentions

Mention your business. Yes, people are on your site, or have found your site in search results, but you want to keep your name in the forefront of your customers’ minds. You don’t want to let them forget about you. If you get the opportunity, try out some reciprocity with other companies that aren’t competitors, so you can get your business’ name in front of even more people. Business mentions are generally always a good thing, and it’s possible to get a lot of free, optimized advertising that way. Future customers need to know your name, so they’ll think of you the next time they need what you have to offer.

High-Quality Links

Links can help a company rank more highly in search results, but only if those links are of high quality. Companies used to link to a lot of different places—and try to get links back to their site from numerous places—in order to rise in the search rankings. With the changes that have been made to search engine algorithms, the number of links is no longer as important. Quality is what matters, and when you are careful to add good quality links, both to and from your site, you can strengthen your national SEO optimization more easily.

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