Online Marketing: Why Email Camapaigns Work

Most business owners don’t have the swollen marketing budgets that major companies do, so they don’t have the luxury of indulging in costly failures or expensive, experimental campaigns.

One very solid way that small businesses can reach likely potential customers is with an email marketing campaign.

The first advantage of an email marketing campaign is that it’s likely going to cost far less than a traditional physical mail campaign, since there are no materials to design and print and no postage to pay for. An Experian study found that for every $1 spent on email, $44.25 came back to the business.

Second, an email marketing campaign is a good way to communicate only with potential customers, rather than everyone else in a given neighborhood or demographic. That statistic suggests that contacting likely customers through email works. A study done by Litmus, an email marketing and analytics company, found that 82 percent of consumers open emails from businesses they like. We aren’t aware of a comparable study for physical mail, but anecdotally, we are certainly aware that most people just toss “junk mail” without even looking at it.

Finally, just think how central email and the Internet are to your own life. The same is true for your customers. We’re an Internet-first society, and that means communicating electronically with your audience is the natural way to reach out to them.

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