Online Marketing No Longer An Option

Online MarketingThere was a time when online marketing was optional but that day is long gone. In the new millenium internet marketing is mandatory for any retailer that is hoping to keep up with the competition and grow their business.

The days of only advertising and marketing in print media or in a broadcasting medium are over. Although both are still viable means of informing the public about your business, internet marketing is growing exponentially and in many cases dwarfing old conventional means of marketing.

According to figures compiled by researcher The Kelsey Group online marketing is growing 20% every year. In a 2007 report the group estimated that online advertising would eclipse $147 billion dollars by 2012.

In 2011 the Internet Advertising Bureau (http://www.iab.net/) reported that $15 billion was spent on online advertising in the first quarter of that year. With these type of figures to attest to the growing market of advertising online it is hard to deny the reality that online marketing has quickly become a popular means for retailers and all businesses to market themselves to the public and increase their ROI.

At least 75% of major corporations spend at least 5% of their advertising budget on some form of online advertising. Whether its through content marketing, any one of the social media outlets like Facebook or Twitter or on their own company website corporations and businesses around the world have benefitted from marketing their goods and services online.

The benefits of online marketing far outweigh the costs to do so. And the advantages that are created only heighten the benefits. The ability to connect directly with customers and consumers provides real time response and interaction that other modes of advertising lack.

A few years ago online marketing was an optimistic theoretical idea to grow a business, today it is a realistic, mandatory part of any business venture.

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