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Link building isn’t dead, it’s just evolved. Our organic link building tactics cannot be beaten. Read below to answer all of your link building questions.

Online marketers succeed or fail in large part because of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Do it right, and prospects flock to your website. Make bad decisions, and your unsold products and services stack up like dirty dishes.

An essential aspect of success is understanding the value of SEO link building. Maybe your marketing team already focuses on organic link building, or maybe they haven’t realized the boost it’s capable of offering. Either way, here are answers to five SEO link building questions you just can’t live without.

Why are links important to SEO?

It’s basically about the chatter. If other websites show their confidence in your content by linking back to, or “chattering about,” your website, the search engines accept your site as relevant and valuable. The more links you enjoy, the better your SEO. Yay, you!  Just remember not all links are created equally. High authority sites that are relevant to your business wield more power and influence over SEO than small, dubious sites. And don’t even think about paying for links on sites, as they are most likely spam!

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What is the difference between nofollow and dofollow links?

In short, search engines are able to follow the links back to a website on dofollow links, so they offer offer better SEO. In contrast, a nofollow link only allows real people to click through on that link to the website. Search engine “crawlers” do not recognize it, so a website gets zero credit from search engines for a nofollow link.

Don’t kick nofollow links to the curb as completely unimportant, as they can still drive prospects to your website.

How do you fix broken links?

Few obstacles screech an interested prospect to a halt like a “this page not found” when they click a link. Don’t lose potential customers because of broken links! Perform link checks at regular intervals, and address any you uncover. Did your web designer change the name of the web page? Does the page no longer exist for some reason? Determine the issue and get the broken link back up and running, or redirected to the new page, immediately.

Effectively building SEO needs to be a top priority for any marketing team, and investing time into its success yields promising results. Tackling organic link building is a key strategy for getting noticed and ranked by search engines, and eventually gaining wider visibility to your prospects. Now that you know the answers to the five SEO link building questions, you are prepared to go kick some SEO butt and smoke your competition!


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All About Anchor Text

What is anchor text?

The Wikipedia definition of anchor text is

clickable text in a hyperlink. The words contained in the anchor text can determine the ranking that the page will receive by search engines.

Marketers who sprinkle relevant anchor text throughout their content are essentially supplying search engines with information about the value of that page, often resulting in getting that page ranked higher. This is a fantastic practice, and pays off big.

What is exact match vs. branded anchor text?

When the text matches the page it is linking, this is considered an exact match. For example, the anchor text “diamond engagement rings” that links to a page about diamond engagement rings is an exact match.

On the other hand, branded text links to a brand, instead of the keyword. Playing off the example above, a branded anchor text could be Tiffany & Co.

Both of these ways of anchoring text are acceptable and accessible to search engines.

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