The Basics of Retargeting and Remarketing

Maintaining a persistent marketing message.

Online marketers may be distressed to learn that they only have a few seconds to capture the attention of well over half of their site visitors. About 55 percent of people who click through to a website will stay for a quarter of a minute. This the report from Tony Haile, the CEO of a data analytics company called Chartbeat. Chartbeat clients include the online version of Time Magazine and thousands of other publishers.

What’s really striking about this information is the fact that the number of clicks or social media shares that a page gets doesn’t impact how much time the average user stays on the page. Of course, content should be as good as possible, but the quality of content or popularity of a site doesn’t guarantee that Internet visitors will stick around long to absorb it.

Retargeting Gives Online Brands a Second Chance

There is an expense associated with attracting each visitor to a site. This might include the cost of content production, advertising, and social media networking. However, marketers have to deal with a notoriously inattentive audience. That makes it tough to increase ROI.

Marketers can’t just work to get new visitors to their sites any longer. They need to refocus their efforts on capturing visitor attention and developing brand awareness. One solution is to employ a tool that can give companies a second chance with some portion of that majority of visitors who didn’t stay very long the first time. This tool is called advertising retargeting, or sometimes, remarketing.

Retargeting is available on many major advertising platforms. Google AdSense and Facebook are two of the most well know, but their are plenty of others. With retargeted ads, a script saves an Internet “cookie” on the computer or other device of a website visitor. When the visitor browses other websites that publish ads for that network, they will see advertisements for sites that they have visited in the past. At first, some people might think this is a little spooky or even an odd coincidence. It is simply the result of retargeting, an increasingly popular advertising strategy, and it is certainly no accident.

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Does Retargeting Work?

Consider an example of average eCommerce websites. Data from Shopify suggests that out of every 100 Internet shoppers who got as far as putting items in their shopping card, over 67 will abandon the cart before completing their purchase. In addition, only about two out of every 100 first-time visitors will actually convert into customers.

There are many reasons that shoppers abandon shopping carts or don’t even begin to make a purchase. However, many retailers have used retargeting to discover that shoppers are less likely to do it if they are on a return visit. This is what retargeting does. It gives marketers a second chance at the 98 percent of first-time website visitors that didn’t buy anything the first time.

Shopify presented an example of one B2B company that increased its advertising return on investment by an incredible 248 percent through retargeting. A consumer retail site used this tactic to bring back 30 percent of their visitors who hadn’t previously converted into customers.

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Retargeting Brings Warm Leads to a Website

Almost any salesperson will say that he or she would prefer to talk to warm leads than cold leads. These are people that have already expressed an interest in a brand, product, or service. They just need to be convinced that a particular company or website is the one that they would like to do business with. The more times that a consumer sees a brand, the more likely it is that he or she will remember it. The more often an Internet user visits a site, the longer that user is likely to spend there. Of course, this all increases the chance of closing a sale.


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