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Pay per click advertising makes up nearly 40% of  all traffic to ecommerce sites.  If you have a strong SEO marketing message but are lacking a paid marketing campaign, you could be losing 40% of your customers.

Let’s also make something very clear. PPC does not work for everyone. In fact, there are many industries where traditional keyword targeted campaigns will produce a negative ROI for you. You probably don’t hear that much from marketing firms, but we want to set the right expectations.

Let’s start by performing an audit and we can decide if PPC is right for you. Even if it’s not, there are many other paid strategies that do work. So, let’s talk.

Our experts have experience in Google Adwords and Bing Advertising.  They can leverage these expertise to bring you the best results possible when it comes to your paid advertising.

If you already have PPC campaigns running, our experts can modify and enhance those campaigns to ensure that your ROI is as high as possible.  Through intense analysis of your metrics, we’re able to identify which ads and keywords are producing the best results and optimize your campaign to focus on these.

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Often times our clients might not have the budgets to boil the oceans and try and target every customer at once.

When this is the case, a smart and savvy remarketing campaign can make the difference. Remarketing is specifically targeting customers who have shown an interest in your company at one point or another. This interest could have been shown through email, a website visit, or a social media visit. Regardless of how they found you, we can retarget them and ensure that they hear your message over and over again.

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Social Media Advertising

AdWords and Bing allow us to target customers based on what they’re searching.

But did you know that social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter allow you to target your customers based on who they are and what they like.

Our experts are able to craft meaningful and targeted social media campaigns that expose your clients to your ads and products while they are on their social media accounts.

By advertising on these social media sites, you’re able to target your customers based on age, gender, likes, and much much more.

These campaigns produce some of the best results for our customers.

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