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Sometimes, people start thinking about SEO as a very complex thing.  They imagine that they have to make a huge effort to outsmart search engines and come out on top.  But if you sit down to think about it, your final aim is to attract more visitors and keep them coming to your website.  You want them to read what you have to say and look at the images that you put up.

What’s the best way to do this in the long run?  It’s by writing well and putting up good images.  Good design also counts, as do loading time, the organization of your website etc.  However, the basic things that you need to get right are the writing and the images.  Here is a short guide to writing well, attracting viewers and improving your SEO:

Spelling and Grammar

As any good writer will tell you, you can’t get very far unless you know the basics of spelling and grammar.  There are people who are great at coming up with ideas and writing in a way that keeps viewers engaged.  However, if they don’t have good spelling and grammar skills, it’s not going to matter.  They might manage to get viewers to look at their site but those viewers are not going to come back.

  • Consequences of Bad Spelling and Grammar. It’s genuinely difficult to understand the type of writing which uses bad spelling and grammar.  Changing one letter can change the entire meaning of a word.  And if your sentences become fragmented, your ideas are not going to be communicated to the reader.
  • Working with an Editor/Writing Service. If you have bad spelling and grammar skills, make sure that anything you put up on the internet has been proofread by a good editor.  Or just hire a content writing service to come up with pieces for your website and blog.



Once you’ve got the basics of spelling and grammar, you can turn your attention to dividing your writing into paragraphs.  This might also seem like a very basic skill but it’s actually quite difficult.

  • How to Divide Writing into Paragraphs. Many people don’t write in a way that can be easily divided into paragraphs.  So you need to group or cluster your thoughts about a certain topic into a few sentences, then move on to the next one.  This is the essence of dividing your writing into paragraphs.  Each paragraph moves your writing a little bit further than the previous one until you come to the conclusion, which expresses everything you have been trying to say in the course of the article.
  • Subheadings, Bullet Points and Lists. On the internet, it’s particularly important to divide your writing into paragraphs and also to give each one a subheading, if possible.  This enables the reader to take in the contents of the paragraph at one go and decide if they want to continue reading.  It’s also a good idea to keep paragraphs short or use bullet points and numbered lists to give your article a certain degree of organizational structure.

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Get To The Point

Sometimes, people stretch their writing out, saying the same thing in different words.  However, good writing assumes that the reader is intelligent and doesn’t need to be told the same thing several times.  You’re not writing for children; you’re writing for adults.  So if you can make the point in five hundred words, don’t feel like you have to fill the empty space by writing one thousand.   Remember that brevity is the soul of wit.

Tell a story

Storytelling and a unique voice will do more for your content than simply optimizing it for keywords. So, focus on storytelling and being unique!

Many writers throughout history have understood the importance of storytelling.  If you look as far back as the Ancient Greeks, you’ll find that all the major philosophers, like Plato and Aristotle, had two sets of manuscripts—one technical set for the serious disciples who had been studying philosophy for a long time and one set of dialogues or plays which would help regular people understand serious topics.  These dialogues were like little stories with different characters interacting with each other.  If you can also use a little storytelling in each of your articles or blog posts, you’ll keep your viewer interested in what you’re trying to say.

  • Positioning the Story. It really helps to have the story at the beginning of your article.  But if it seems to fit in better towards the end or in the middle, then that’s fine too.
  • Nature of the Narrative. A story doesn’t have to be a full-length narrative.  It can just be a good example taken from life or an anecdote you came across that impressed you.  For example, the above information about Ancient Greek philosophers has an element of storytelling attached to it even though it’s not very long.



Any good writer will tell you that you need to have your own voice.  This doesn’t just mean that you need to write in a certain way.  You also have to draw upon your own experiences; you need to have something to say.  This is true of all types of writing and it’s also true on the internet.

You might wonder exactly how you’re going to come up with something unique, given that there’s loads of content being uploaded everyday.  Many writers are writing about the same topic and competing with each other.  It’s a good idea to avoid writing about the same exact thing as everyone else.  Instead, try to come up with your own slant on things.  This is a good first step to coming up with a voice.

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