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SEO for eCommerce companies can be confusing and difficult for most agencies. The fact of the matter is that search engine optimization for eCommerce companies must be approached from a data first perspective. And since we’re an agency built on data, that gives us an edge over our competitors.

When it comes to SEO for eCommerce, we’ve worked with massive groups with product listings in the 100’s of thousands of products. However, we’ve also worked with other groups that were selling just a few products. Yes, the tactics are different for each, but the analysis and understanding of why products appear in the search engine results is critical with regardless of the size of the client.

Most of our clients have come to us with the idea that they have to surrender to Amazon and just let them win. So, instead of trying to compete in the search results against Amazon, they simply sell their products on there. Which ends up costing them a large percentage of the gross sale price.

Instead, we believe that any eCommerce group can beat their larger competitors even if they’re selling their products on Amazon, Walmart, or any of the other massive groups that clog the first page of the search results.

The trick for us is to give the search engines more of what they want: social signals, product reviews, ratings, and more. When you’re able to check all of the boxes and ensure that your product pages are completely optimized, now you have the opportunity to with in the SEO for eCommerce game.

Now, aside from our data driven processes, what else sets us apart from our competitors?

Our focus on trust. We want our clients to view us as their agency partner, and not just some vendor. We work tirelessly to build trust and a relationship between the two parties.

You probably have some eCommerce SEO questions.

Q. What are some of the brands you’ve previously worked with?

A. We’ve worked with some well known brands like Mattel, New Balance Shoes, Orvis, Planet Blue, and many other large eCommerce retailers.

Q. How do you interact with an established marketing team?

A. The truth is, most larger eCommerce groups have robust internal teams that are already doing a kickass job. So, we avoid stepping on their toes. Instead, we dig deep into what your top competitors are doing and we identify opportunities your organization can exploit. We work on strategy, consulting, and if the need calls for it, deployment.

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Not just metadata

Oh, the dreaded experience of working with an agency and having them run an “extensive” audit on your site only to come back and tell you that you need to work on your metadata.

Really? Wow, thanks Copernicus!  If it was that simple, don’t you think your client would have done that already? So, if you’ve had this exact experience happen to you, then you’re ready to work with a group that looks deep into the search engine algorithms and unearths the nuggets that will set you apart from your competitors.

But yes… We will still help you optimize your metadata if you need us to.

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Understanding Content

We were born as a content marketing agency. And after that we quickly spread our wings and became a full-service digital agency. We did this because we started to realize that SEO, social media, and content marketing just don’t work in a vacuum. They rely on each other to achieve their maximum potential.

Because of that, we have a deep understanding and expertise when it comes to onsite content, product content, product descriptions, social signals, and customer-sourced content. When you’re able to apply all of these pieces together in the right manner, you’re able to make SEO magic happen!


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