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So you’re looking for the most effective strategies for you super-big enterprise organization, eh?

Guys! Keep it down and put away the ping pong paddles.

Sorry, where was I? Oh yes, enterprise SEO. As luck would have it, we’re pretty damn good at that.

Enterprise SEO is a tough specialty to wrap your head around. After all, every enterprise company is not built the same. For instance, we’ve worked with some companies that had just a handful of pages on their website. However, they had over 20,000 employees.

*Spoiler* They didn’t understand why their competitors were outranking them in a highly competitive market. After all, those six pages that they DID have were really good.

We’ve also dealt with organizations that have dozens of business units that all use separate vendors, but all have to coexist on a massive website and everyone has to avoid stepping on each other’s toes.

This can sometimes feel like being at a dance in high school, but your high school has capacity for 2000 students, but 35,333 students showed up to the dance. It’s crowded, and yes, toes get stepped on.

But that’s okay. We’ve been there and done that. And we’d love to show you how we shine in these circumstances.

First things first. We love data. Like, we REALLY love data. Some people find that weird, but they just don’t understand our love.

And the best part of having an affair with data is that you understand how to leverage it to create phenomenal results when it comes to enterprise SEO.

So, get ready to work with an agency that is ROI focused, data driven, and has had way too much Diet Coke and is now a bit jittery!

You probably have some enterprise SEO questions.

Q. What are some of the brands you’ve previously worked with?

A. We’ve worked with some well known brands like Ellucian, Qualtrics, Actian, IBM, Dell, EMC, and others.

Q. How do you interact with an established marketing team?

A. The truth is, most larger enterprise groups have robust internal teams that are already doing a kickass job. So, we avoid stepping on their toes. Instead, we dig deep into what your top competitors are doing and we identify opportunities your organization can exploit. We work on strategy, consulting, and if the need calls for it, deployment.

Q. But we work in a boring market and there isn’t much volume for keywords.

A. Okay, that was more of a statement than a question, but we hear it all the time. If your industry didn’t have a lot of keyword volume, it probably wouldn’t be able to support multiple billion dollar competitors. What is really going on in these situations is that the keywords are just all over the map. Instead of some really nice big keywords that provide a ton of traffic, you have to deal with thousands of smaller-volume keywords.

But that’s okay! Because we have some amazing techniques for squeezing every last drop out of a potential search market and ensuring that you’re hitting on search terms that target intent, pain points, value prop, and semantic searches you’ve probably never thought of until just now.

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Not just metadata

Oh, the dreaded experience of working with an agency and having them run an “extensive” audit on your site only to come back and tell you that you need to work on your metadata.

Really? Wow, thanks Copernicus!  If it was that simple, don’t you think your client would have done that already? So, if you’ve had this exact experience happen to you, then you’re ready to work with a group that looks deep into the search engine algorithms and unearths the nuggets that will set you apart from your competitors.

But yes… We will still help you optimize your metadata if you need us to.

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Understanding Content

We were born as a content marketing agency. And after that we quickly spread our wings and became a full-service digital agency. We did this because we started to realize that SEO, social media, and content marketing just don’t work in a vacuum. They rely on each other to achieve their maximum potential.

Because of that, we have a deep understanding and expertise when it comes to onsite content, business content like eBooks and whitepapers, and also how to master LinkedIn so you can become the envy of everyone in the cubicles around you who only have 300 connections… Pfft. that’s child’s play!


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