Social Media Marketing Tricks for Increasing Conversion on Facebook

Social Media Marketing - Foxtail MarketingSince Facebook affords you a bit more room to appeal to consumers than places like Twitter, it’s an effective place to perfect your conversion game. Facebook is also an effective way to garner viewers and this to begin with, so once you build up enough of a following, you can really narrow down what you might do better in terms of conversion in order to drive up sales. Here are a few ways you can improve your social media marketing conversion rate when doing social media advertising on Facebook. These will also work if you’re doing straight up advertising.

Add a Call to Action Button Within Facebook and Not Just on Your Site

This is actually a recent addition to what’s possible for Facebook marketers. Increasing conversion is all about generating energy and then making it really easy for people to act on that energy. The more you can optimize both, the better you’re going to do for conversion. On the ease of use side is easy call to action buttons.

Just adding a button at all to your advertisements is going to help with campaigns in terms of conversion rate. The more steps you have between when a viewer sees a post or ad trying to get them to do something and when the purchase, download, or other action is made, the worse off you’re going to be in terms of getting more people to do it. If they have to click on a link and then do something on the site at that link, you’re going to lose a lot of people in that process. This is why it’s critical to make sure that the call to action is right on the main ad, in a logical location, and that it has the right label.

For example, if you want them to download something, it should say “download,” or “buy” if the goal is to get them to buy. Make sure to make this adjustment to any ongoing campaigns since Facebook now allows for this type of approach.

Input Leads into the System

Facebook actually allows you to do something called custom audience targeting. If you’re using ads through Facebook, this tool allows you to put more effort into individuals and groups who you already have some kind of connection with in general. This could be on Facebook or outside of the site.

You can access this through the “Custom Audiences” tab located to the right of “Page Posts” on your Facebook advertising account. The new screen allows you to pick an audience name, and then upload a file full of emails, phone numbers, or other identifying information such as app user Ids. If you hit the blue “Create” button you will be able to upload the information into your account so you can reach them more directly. Upping your conversion rate on Facebook will be much easier if you target people who you know will be already conducive to your message.

If you offer them a new deal, product or service, then your chances of converting them go way up compared to trying to do the same with the general population where you don’t have a pre-existing relationship already.

Test Out Word Changes

Conversion is often a game of inches on Facebook. One different word can have an effect on how many you convert. Try the same post or advertisement with one changed word to see what effect it has on your particular audience. You can have the same post except using more words like “free” or “one-time” in front of the main meat of your post. You’d be surprised how much of an effect this can have on the number of people you get actually heeding your call to action.

Try Videos Under 30 Seconds

Facebook has been putting effort recently into focusing on videos more than simple images. You can post the video right on the main post or ad, but it also helps to use a thumbnail image to emphasize the video. If you can demonstrate your service or product real quick, you’ll help to convert readers into buyers.

Attention span on Facebook is at a premium; however, so getting to the point as quick as possible with something that grabs attention is a good idea. Many Facebook videos will just start playing automatically when viewers scroll past that post, albeit without sound. If you make sure that your video demonstrates your product or service throughout the video, it may only take a glance of a few seconds from someone scrolling past the page for them to be hooked enough to look into your call to action.

Video Tracking

 You can track how your videos are doing by using Facebook pixels. You can install this on your site by going into your ad manager on Facebook. What you want is located under “tools,” and then the “pixels” section that comes up. A piece of code will come up, and you can copy it and put it on your site. After you add the code according to the instructions listed there, anyone who makes a purchase from a video view ad will be reported on your site. This way you can see which videos are working and which aren’t, and tinker with it to drive up your conversion rate.

You’d be surprised how just a few minutes of effort on Facebook can make a big difference with your Facebook campaign. Every jump in conversion percentage is going to translate into a considerable amount of extra income depending on your volume.

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