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It can be confusing for a business owner to figure out just which social media network is right for their company.  With Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google +, Pinterest, and many more out there, it can seem a little overwhelming to manage all of these accounts.  So, can businesses get by with having a few accounts on certain networks?  Absolutely!

The trick is to identify your target market and then optimize the right social network for that target market.  Below are the demographics you can expect from the major networks.

1. Facebook: The average age of the users on Facebook is now approaching 40.  Teens and millennials are increasingly turning to SnapChat and Twitter.  This means that Facebook is a great network for anyone wanting to target users that are 30 to 60.  Another benefit of Facebook is the information they make available on their users.  Very few social networks can claim to have as much information on their users as Facebook.  So, if you’re wanting to create a very targeted marketing campaign, you can’t go wrong by starting with Facebook.

2. Google+: Google continues to grow its social network experiment.  They are now wrapping all of their products into one offering.  Gmail, Youtube, and your Google account now all link to Google+.  With Google Now, they’re trying to create an “always online” experience for their users.  Because of this, Google+ will continue to grow in popularity and could eventually dethrone Facebook as the top social network.  Currently, Google+ is the best social network for SEO purposes.  Google searches pull directly from Google+ profiles for certain portions of the results.  Therefore, if you’re interested in ranking well in Google, a business account on Google+ is an essential.

3. Twitter: Twitter is the social network of the millennial.  It is quick and easy to digest.  If you’re looking to portray and hip, witty, and involved business profile for 20 and 30 somethings, then Twitter is the social network for you.

4. Pinterest: 1 word for you… Women.  Pinterest skews almost 90% female users.  And man, do they love buying.  Pinterest users convert to buying customers at almost 3 times the rate of Facebook and Twitter followers.  Therefore, if you have a product that targets a female demographic and you are an ecommerce site, then Pinterest is a must have for you.

5. Linkedin: Business to business companies need to have a presence on Linkedin.  Linkedin is an arena for businesses to interact.   It’s fabulous for connecting with C-level execs at other companies and making larger B2B deals.  If you are targeting other companies with your product, focus on Linkedin.


I hope this list helps you with your social media marketing strategy.

Mike Templeman

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Mike Templeman is the CEO and Founder of Foxtail Marketing. He is passionate about tech, marketing and startups. When not tapping away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his wife and kids. He is also Canadian... or more importantly, he is Canadian.

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