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Want to get more traction with your small business on social media?  Here’s a great tip to build your following and gain exposure.

Log into Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.  Now, find companies that are similar to yours.  Don’t choose your direct competitors, but look for companies that service your clients.  For example, if I’m selling vintage car parts, I know that my customers are probably middle aged men with disposable incomes.  So, I might seek out fishing, hunting, outdoor sporting goods companies.  When you’ve identified them, then like them, follow them, add them to your circles.  Then start engaging with them by retweeting their posts or liking them or +1 them.

As they notice you taking part in helping them out, they’ll begin to do the same thing.  Pretty soon their followers are seeing your posts and your exposure begins to grow.  You’ll notice that your followers will begin to grow and before you know it, you’re on your way to dominating the social media world.

Mike Templeman

About Mike Templeman

Mike Templeman is the CEO and Founder of Foxtail Marketing. He is passionate about tech, marketing and startups. When not tapping away at his keyboard, he can be found spending time with his wife and kids. He is also Canadian... or more importantly, he is Canadian.

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