Stop! Your SEO is Headed the Wrong Way!

Stop SEO signA lady called her elderly husband on his way home. “Ralph, I just heard on the news that there was a car going the wrong way on the interstate, so please be careful out there”

“It’s not just one, dear; there’s hundreds of them going the wrong way!”

Are your SEO tactics keeping pace with current SEO trends or are you headed in the opposite direction? Aren’t you tired of search engines displaying your site on page 2 or page 3? Maybe you can’t even find your site displayed anywhere on any search engine. Gasp! Maybe you need better keyword selection. In an Ascend 2 report, nearly half of the respondents felt that keywords and phrases were the most important element of effective SEO tactics. Maybe your content needs to be refreshed and updated. In the same Ascend 2 survey, over 70% reported that content creation was the most important component of a strong SEO campaign.  If the last thing you posted was in reference to the 2016 American election, your site is in danger of falling behind. In fact, it has fallen behind. The pitfall of allowing your site to gather dust and cobwebs is the danger of visitors passing you by as they would a barren ghost town. The light is just barely on but it looks as if everyone inside has died, losing potential visitors. Your website may as well say “Site Under Construction.” A few SEO tools could be all you need to resurrect your site to new life. 

Did you know that hunting for keywords does not need to be a creative grind? The entire process should incite intellectual curiosity. When these SEO tools are used the way they are designed, the power to transform your site to one where visits are limited only by your effort to maintain an active website. There are many tools available to improve search engine optimization. The following list is not meant to be comprehensive but should get your feet wet as well as lead you deeper in your quest to get you going in the same direction internet traffic is headed.

SEO Tools

PageSpeed Insight

Measures performance of a page for mobile and desktop devices. It uses a scoring system of 0-100. A page is considered in the black with a score of 85 or higher. Page Speed Insight is constantly improving its functionality as new rules are added. In fact, Page Speed’s most recent update focused on improving how to measure mobile performance. It is important to note that when a user decides to open your URL that the first page opens as fast as possible. If you want users to stick around, you need to find ways to execute that first page in one second or less. Page Speed Insights evaluates the speed and usability of how your website opens on mobile and desktop devices. Enter your URL and with one click and this tool identifies areas that are working well and areas that need improvement.

Keyword Tool 

Have you ever wondered what internet users are searching for? is a free site where users enter a keyword and receive hundreds of long-tail keywords in alphabetical order. This allows you to discover what users, prospects, and customers are searching for on Google and create content on your website referencing those topics. Try it now! Note: It is widely known that long-tail keywords do not bring the same numbers as a more general head keyword. However, because of the specificity of long-tails, marketers know lead conversions will be higher.

Uber Suggest

Uber Suggest is a free keyword research tool that provides 100’s of keyword suggestions that also propose ideas for content creation. Why not try it now? Just click Uber Suggest and type the keyword Dance in the search window. You will see 361 different ways the word Dance is presented. If you type dancing versus running in Uber search, you will see hundreds of longtail keywords that compare dancing to running. You could query the keywords, How to Dance and Uber would suggest hundreds of keywords that prompt expertise content on how to dance. Use your creativity to discover new keyword combinations.

Before we introduce the keyword planner, we need to briefly discuss another tool that helps reveal the popularity of what people are searching for. It is profoundly interesting to search the alphabet one letter at a time. You will notice some definite trends that have taken millions of searches to firmly establish and reveal what people are searching for. Is it any mystery that when you type the letter “A” the first word that displays is Amazon? Using an incognito window, open your browser and go to Try typing the letters of the alphabet one letter at a time and watch the auto-fills. Using an incognito window prevents Google from customizing your search criteria.

Keyword Planner

Keyword planner helps you find keywords related to your business and compares keyword trends and how they are searched. As seen in the alphabet exercise, the strength and influence of a keyword is based on volume. The more times a keyword is searched the more embedded it becomes in search engines. Now, to be sure, we are not just talking about one word. It could be a longtail keyword or a combination of keywords (a phrase) such as Uber Suggest might propose.

Google Trends

What are people searching for today? Why not take a quick look at Google Trends and find out? Google Trends exposes up to the minute numbers of the type of content people around the world are searching for. GT reveals the upsurge in new terms used to search topics of interest. If you need to find out what is going on now and how that can influence your content distribution, try adding Google Trends to your toolbox. Google Trends helps you keep your website updated with fresh absorbing content as often as you need it.

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