How to Benchmark Your Sales Qualified Lead Conversion Rates

As we’ve highlighted on this blog, lead generation is not enough for reliably successful digital marketing. You also need to make sure that a good portion of your leads become qualified – and eventually turn into customers.

Of course, that goal is difficult to accomplish if you don’t know whether your efforts to turn sales qualified leads (SQLs) into customers are actually successful. That’s where benchmarking comes into play.

Through the below 3 step process, you can measure your current sales qualified lead conversion rates and evaluate your success. That, in turn, allows you to turn to one of the many strategies designed to help you improve your conversion rates and maximize the impact of your lead generation and nurturing efforts.

Put simply, benchmarking your conversion rates comes down to three simple steps: taking stock of your current rates, comparing them against industry averages, and setting a goal for improvement. Let’s break each of these steps down in a bit more detail.

The Rise of Programmatic Marketing: and What it Means for B2B

The Rise of Programmatic Marketing: and What it Means for B2B

Digital marketing has evolved vastly in the 25 years since the infancy of the internet. Online marketing efforts have been  in constant flux as new technologies come into play that change the game, and advertisers have more tools available now than ever before. It’s a great time to be in the online marketing world, and the perfect time consider programmatic marketing.

Leveraging Industry Influencers in Your B2B Marketing Strategy


Utilize Influencers in Your B2B Marketing Strategy

The internet is a flutter with brilliant B2B marketing efforts.. Just having a well executed piece of content is no longer enough. In this day where new information is being written and published online by the second, it’s easy for scintillating content to get lost in the wind. Within the past year, “influencer marketing” has exploded as a new form of digital marketing. In the B2B realm, this type of marketing is being completely underutilized and untouched.

Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel: Part 2


Welcome back for Part 2 of the Deploying Marketing Strategies at Each Stage of the Sales Funnel series.

Now that you have a better understanding of different marketing strategies you can use for the top of the sales funnel, lets take a look at what you can use for those who move down to the middle.

Middle of Sales Funnel Strategies

The middle of the sales funnel is a whole different beast when it comes to marketing strategies and what you should use to get people wanting more. This is where you go from making people aware of who you are and what you do, to convincing them they need your service. Here are some strategies to consider:

What Are the Top B2B Marketing Challenges This Year?

The B2B industry has exploded as of late. With the advent of SaaS (software as a service) over the last decade, we’re noticing that a lot of the business world’s darlings are in fact B2B companies. For instance, Slack, Google (they make money by selling advertising to businesses), Palantir and Square are just a few of the companies that are grabbing headlines that are in the B2B industry.

With the growth the industry is seeing, there are also trials that entrepreneurs in B2B are facing. Fortunately, some statistics are available that allow you to study what most B2B businesses find challenging today. Some categories might surprise you. All of them fit together into creating a marketing plan that helps you look unique while bringing better brand awareness.

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