Somebody’s Watching Me: Blog Stalking for Success

Confession session: I’m an obsessive blog stalker. I check up on my favorite blogs daily and follow my favorite bloggers on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. Think I’m totally creepy? In my defense, bloggers choose to post content multiple times a day and on multiple platforms. And guess what? The ones who do are raking in the cash.

Bloggers have been quitting their “real” jobs and have started blogging full-time. I was initially shocked (and a little jealous) when I saw this and would constantly wonder, how? What I’ve come to realize is that across all blogging niches (business, fashion, cooking, mommy, fitness, budget), bloggers who are diligent in branding themselves are the most successful.

Online Marketing Mistakes You Simply Must Avoid

Online marketing is a powerful way of getting your brand image and message out there. When it is done right, you will see amazing results. Unfortunately, too many business professionals don’t know what they are doing and end up making rookie mistakes. This post will discuss three common online marketing mistakes that you want to make sure you avoid.

Content Marketing: The Connection Between Blogs and Website Traffic

How important is driving traffic to your website as a part of your content marketing campaign? More traffic is almost always good, but the specific goals you have set will determine how much you will depend on your blog to generate traffic. The more traffic you need, the more blog posts you’ll have to write each week. There is a clear connection between blogs and website traffic.

Onsite Blogging: The Key to Providing Your Site with Fresh Content

Blogging is beneficial for multiple reasons:  improving your website’s authority within your industry, providing answers to your visitor’s questions, and giving tips that help your visitors in various ways.

If you currently have a fairly static website, aside from the blogging that you do, you should prioritize onsite blogging because it will help you enjoy the numerous benefits of content consistently being added.

Online Marketing to Target Millennials

Ask any millennial if they remember what life was like before Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram and they probably will struggle to tell you. Indeed, social media, blogging, and digital content consumption have become second nature amongst the population as a whole, but perhaps most markedly, within the millennial population.

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