Use Onsite Blogging to Position Your Company as an Expert

Many sites use onsite blogging as part of their marketing strategy, and lately, it seems that every company has a blog along with their standard corporate website setup. Having a blog has definitely become a website must-have, however, here are some of the reasons you should consider your blog as more than just a ‘check-the-box’ item, and rather as a major source of traffic to your website: 

How Specific and Creative Should You Be with Titles for Onsite Blogging?

Onsite blogging can still be a challenge when you need to come up with a catchy title. Some people have natural affinity for creating interesting titles, though many have trouble. The basic problem is that far too many who create titles go too generic, which is going to be a big problem in getting something found on search engines.

This isn’t to say coming up with a unique title is going to be a breeze. You need a complete understanding of how you’ll attract the most readers. And much of that starts with being specific and a little bit more creative rather than so general.

4 Types of Content to Post with Digital Marketing

For a successful digital marketing campaign, you should be posting to social media frequently. How often you post depends on your business, its size, and how much you want to grow. For growing businesses, the more you post, the better. Here are four types of content you can post when practicing digital marketing:


Blogs are the workhorse of many digital marketing campaigns. You might not want to save your best content for blogs, but they’re great filler to post on social media. It’s your chance to talk about your business and demonstrate why consumers need whatever it is you’re offering. Save the primary research for white papers, but make sure you post a couple of blogs per week.

Curated content

Onsite Blogging: Expectations vs. Reality

With onsite blogging getting bit of news lately, it’s easy to get the wrong idea. When that happens, it’s best to take a good look at onsite blogging, and measure your expectations against reality.

Blogging has become an integral component of content marketing. Nowadays, there’s really no tricking Google or other search engines. They’ve all improved their algorithms to detect foul play or dishonest behavior. Furthermore, don’t believe anyone who tells you they know secret tricks and tips that will immediately boost your SEO. Before long, Google will punish anyone who tries to game the system.

Make Instructional Blogs a Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing requires several different components if it’s going to be successful and increase a business’ brand visibility. One of the essential components that companies can’t skip over is blogging.

Blogging has become the bread and butter of content marketing. They’re useful, not too time-consuming on the reader’s end, and can be posted frequently. Just as there are different components of content marketing, there are several different types of blogs that businesses can post.

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