Content Creation: Keeping Your Blog Fresh

No one likes to have the same old flowers sitting in their living room for weeks on end. They lose their freshness and vibrancy. It is the same with blogs. Content creation is an important part of keeping your blog fresh. Blog readers do not want to see old, stale content. It is disappointing to readers, and they will eventually make themselves at home at a more well kept blog. When such readers flee the unattractive, onsite blogs of businesses, it is essentially clients and potential clients that are being driven away.

Just as there are many working people who lack the time to keep house and regularly change out the flowers, there are many who do not have time to keep a fresh blog brimming with new ideas. For homes, a hired maid can freshen things up when homeowners are too busy to do it themselves. But for blogs, there is Foxtail Marketing.

Why you should Choose Onsite Blogging over Offsite

When it comes to your company’s blog, you could choose to have it hosted on your business website or on a completely different site altogether. There are a number of advantages to onsite blogging, a few of which are listed below.

Seen more often

Onsite blogs tend to be seen more often by visitors, as they boost your search engine rankings considerably. The reason is because an onsite blog is easy to get to from your home page, thereby making it more likely that someone will click on it and find your information. This is especially true if one of your posts suddenly goes viral, as readers will already be on your site, and will not have to click a separate link to get to it.

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