Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Operating in the Chaos:

Marketing is chaos. It’s literally living in a day-to-day world that is equivalent to that of a crazed hipster who spontaneously jetted to Spain to run with the bulls. Said hipster also made this decision after they had sustained their entire life on a diet of gummy bears and diet coke. Bulls constantly are running at marketers, and they aren’t always prepared for the ever-changing scope of the industry.


Even if we pretend traditional marketing doesn’t exist, the wide variety of digital mediums, platforms, deliverables, projects, designs, etc., etc., is enough to make it entirely too easy to miss a step, or make a simple mistake that derails an entire campaign.


Communication in marketing is one of the most important pieces to ensuring campaigns run smoothly. Internal & external communication are absolutely crucial. Running an agile and transparent campaign with all parties drastically improves results for marketers.

YOUR SUCCESS is CLIENT SUCCESS: 25 Time Management Tips

Tips and Tricks for Time Management

I get it. You’re busy, I’m busy, we’re all busy. We all have deadlines (including this blog post). We’ve all told our bosses that we would get it done now, and we’ve all told our clients that tasks will be done by “EOD.”

So why another blog on time management?

Well, simply put: your skills are noticeable, and that includes time management. Time management is one of the most impressive and sought-after skills in a team member. By managing your time better, you’ll not only help yourself get the job done, but you’ll be that much more useful to your superiors and your clients.

Client Success: Turning your clients into your brand advocates

There’s little doubt that as a Client Success Manager, Account Manager, Client Advocate, Client Consultant, Client Relationship Manager, or whatever the hell your email signature says, your ultimate goal is to make sure your client loves you.

Well, I say take a step further; don’t just make it your goal for clients to love you, get them to fight for you and become your brand advocate. It should go without saying that a happy client makes you happy. So, getting a client to fight for you can only make your situation better.

“But how?” you ask. Well, I’ll tell you. Build that deep, meaningful relationship.

How to Tell Your Client “No” Without Actually Saying “No”

Who likes hearing “no” for an answer? I don’t and I’m sure neither do you.

Think about this in terms of your clients you work with. Clients are your bread and butter, they’re your cash-cow, and they bring in the dough.  Which means, let’s make sure we satisfy their every need, right? If you have an unlimited amount of resources, then hell yeah, let’s do it. But if you’re like every other business out there, then that hell yeah can easily turn into… uhhhh, no.

Although client satisfaction is key to yours (and your client’s) success. There comes a time when you have to put your foot down. Maybe you don’t have the manpower, the money, or even the time to do everything your clients want.

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