Fall in Love with Content Creation

“Content creation.”

Even the term sounds a little boring. It makes the process sound about as enthralling as writing the ingredient labels for food packaging. It just sounds so, well, industrial. It feels as if you’re applying for a job on an assembly line.

Fortunately, there’s an antidote for the tedium. (And it’s not turning your articles into illustrated graphic novellas; though that is fun.) No, the antidote is something much simpler.

Fall in love.

Specifically, fall in love with asking amazing questions.

Even more specifically: fall in love with what might be called “tractor beam” questions — the kind of questions that, the moment your eyes scan across them, an invisible force as mighty as Darth Vader’s Death Star grabs you by the shirt collar, and a voice in your head says, “I must read this immediately or I will die.”

The goal here is to develop your question-asking skills until 1) you understand the difference between an average question and an amazing question and 2) you become emotionally invested in that pursuit.

This will add a powerful motivator to your content creation projects — whether you’re blogging, creating videos, memes, comic books, or sound bites.

Content Creation Tips to Attract Highly Targeted Business

Creating content is no easy task, especially with time constraints. Coming up with new ideas and generating top-quality content often don’t go hand-in-hand, as the increase in one leads to a decrease in the other. However, there is a way to keep the new ideas rolling, create awesome content, and then to make that content convert better than ever: Better Audience Targeting.

3 Big Reasons Every Business Needs Content Creation

You may have heard about the power of content creation from other professionals and now you are wondering what it could do for you. There are many benefits of integrating this form of communication into your marketing strategy. This post will discuss three big reasons why you need it.

3 Tips to Take Your Content Creation to Another Level

One of the best ways to grow your community and attract new clients is by creating valuable content that spreads both your vision and your message. The biggest challenge is creating consistent content that is worthwhile. It can be overwhelming to decide where to begin and can often leave you feeling like a deer in the headlights—you end up spending all of your time racking your brain for ideas and topics to discuss. Let’s discuss three frameworks to make the content creation process enjoyable and most importantly, more effective.

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