Designing Marketing Content So Beautiful Your Clients Will Hang It On Their Wall

Children often say the most darling things like, “I love you mom” or “I love you dad.” It always warms your heart to hear this. Sometimes they will also say things that don’t make sense, but make you laugh like, “This baked potato is so delicious I want to marry it!” This usually has a way of putting everyone in a good mood. They also have a nack for being  brutally honest, especially when out in public. A specific moment comes to mind, thank goodness I was not the parent in this case. A little girl sees a lady behind her and starts screaming. Her mom asks her what’s wrong but she just keeps screaming. The little girl finally calms down and says in a loud voice, “that lady is so ugly mom, ah! I can’t stand looking at her!” How embarrassing for the parent, how humiliating for the lady.

My point being, if you want to attract potential customers to your website and entice them to view or buy your products/services, they need to be beautiful! Thereby avoiding the grocery store scenario mentioned above. Here are 3 basic elements that will ensure you are successful in bringing more traffic to your site, getting more likes on your articles, and leading more people to buy your product/service.

Incorporating Press Releases into your Content Creation Strategy

A big part of lead generation is creating content and sharing it with prospective customers. Rather than going out and finding them, you’re giving them plenty of opportunities to find you on their own through your original content. Blogs are the bread and butter of many content creation strategies. While they serve an important purpose, you can compliment their effectiveness with the power of press releases.

A press release is an effort to showcase real progress, growth, etc. that your business is experiencing and provide an opportunity for non-existing customers to hear about you. There are many opportunities across the internet to leverage a press release that will get “picked-up” by a larger news organization. Think about how Apple news and press releases have become vital need-to-know content. Perhaps on a smaller scale, you can help your company get noticed when providing a press release to the world. 

Professional Online Marketing Can Provide the Extra Push

Building your own success as a business is a worthy goal to strive for, and some businesses are able to accomplish this goal on their own through patience, dedication, and intelligent ideas. However, even with the greatest minds and most dedicated workers, not every action goes as planned, and this is where you should not be ashamed to receive help for professional online marketing.

Tweak that PPC Campaign

As most people who have experienced pay-per-click campaigns first-hand know, this form of marketing is extremely touchy and even the slightest change can make a dramatic difference in results. In these situations, having someone who knows how to control these changes for the better will help a business that is trying to find their stride in pay-per-click marketing substantially. 

What is Custom Content Marketing?


Custom content marketing is the new buzzword in SEO.  Google has increased the viability of content so much so, that if you don’t have a custom content strategy, you will be left in the dust.  But what is custom content?  In short, custom content is real company content.  It’s you, as the business owner, sharing your expertise with your customers.  This can be through infographics, videos, articles, and blog posts.

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