Human-to-Human Marketing: Tapping into the Human Experience with Personalization and Emotion

If you’ve heard of human-to-human marketing in the last year, perhaps you instantly equated it to the standard forms of marketing used for years. In the realm of B2C marketing, your tangential understanding of human-to-human marketing perhaps related it to bringing a better sense of customer service. For B2B marketing, maybe you equated the concept to increasing more personal contact with businesses.

While human-to-human marketing does incorporate some of those aspects, it goes far beyond basic concepts. With those who work in marketing finally understanding that connections with consumers is becoming more personal, it requires companies acting like human beings.

As a Hubspot blog pointed out late this last year, far too many businesses and companies still look like they’re being run by robots. Try as they might in bringing a more personalized feel to their business, it sometimes doesn’t feel right to the consumer without a little more to tap into human emotion.