To Demand Gen or to Lead Gen; That is the Question


Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

What is the difference you ask? Tell you I will.

The purpose of demand generation is to create awareness about your company, show value propositions, and to engage people to get them excited about your brand. Whereas the purpose of lead generation is to obtain prospects contact information for further marketing efforts and sales.

6 KPI Metrics That Actually Mean Something to Your Boss


To someone who’s only goal is to drive the company up and to the right, the amount of leads is likely the most important metric. Sorry to break it to you, but there are a lot more metrics that can be analyzed to assess the true success of a company.

Marketers are each aware of the 3 essential metrics that they should always be reporting on:

  1. Leads
  2. Sales Revenue
  3. Cost Per Acquisition

No one wants to be a part of a marketing campaign that is losing money for the company. Track the right marketing KPI’s, and you will be able to make confident adjustments to your strategies and budget allocations.

Without the right KPI’s, you may lead your company astray.

Content Marketing: The Connection Between Blogs and Website Traffic

How important is driving traffic to your website as a part of your content marketing campaign? More traffic is almost always good, but the specific goals you have set will determine how much you will depend on your blog to generate traffic. The more traffic you need, the more blog posts you’ll have to write each week. There is a clear connection between blogs and website traffic.

How The Rules of Writing Apply to Content Marketing

The emergence of content marketing as a key strategy to gaining online presence and traction has brought marketing back to the basics. The way to attract new customers to your website is to write great content and address it to your target audience.

There’s no secret regarding the process of writing content. The same rules of writing that guided 20th century authors also apply to content marketers. If you’re having difficulties coming up with great content, then consider George Orwell’s six rules of writing:

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