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Simplify Your Social Media Marketing Strategy in 4 Steps

When you first start promoting yourself on social media, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Most social media networks never sleep, so there is pressure to maintain a constant online presence. Unless you have a large social media team by your side, this is a next to impossible task. If you want to start getting the most out of your social media marketing campaign, use these three tips to help you simplify and step up your game at the same time.

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Conversion Optimization Strategies for LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn isn’t just a site for finding a job or employees, you can also use it to market your business if you’re creative enough. According to a recent study, LinkedIn had one of the best conversion rates from visitor to lead of all of the social media websites. It’s also the case that more than 90% of leads potentially ending in sales for social media came from LinkedIn. So, for those who are thinking about using LinkedIn for promoting their brand, here are a few ways to increase your conversion optimization for LinkedIn promotions.

3 Ways To Make Social Media Actually Work for Your Company

Odds are your company has the regular slew of social media accounts. From Facebook to Twitter and of course, LinkedIn – your company is probably trying to “connect” with its “followers” in hopes of getting more “likes” and “shares.” For quite some time (in ‘internet years’), social media has been seen as the Holy Grail to interacting with customers, building influence, and achieving viral success.

However, spend 5 minutes scrolling your newsfeed on Facebook and it’s easy to see that the majority of companies are clueless about how to actually leverage social media to their benefit.


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