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Creating The Best Infographic Ever

You know those people who are smooth talkers, the ones who speak very eloquently and are fascinating to listen to, right? They have a way of using captivating words, they are great storytellers. They make incredible marketers, if they aren’t already. Infographics are, or at least they should make great storytellers, they should be captivating and beautiful. Unfortunately, not all succeed in drawing you in. You will glance at it for a second, think nothing of it and move on.

On the other hand, when you come across a beautiful, well designed and captivating infographic you will, first of all, take the time to admire it, second read it, instead of glancing at it, and third…share it with the whole world! Why? Because it is the best infographic ever!

What separates a good infographic from an awesome, unbelievable and great infographic? A good infographic will show you interesting data through pretty graphics while a mind blowing infographic will tell you a story so thought provoking that the viewer will read all the nuggets of data until the conclusion. Here are 5 must have elements to have your talented designer include in your infographic.

Color is Critical in Marketing

Color influences our attitudes, emotions and definitely our decisions in purchases. Making the right decision on which colors will be used in your marketing campaigns and your website will greatly impact your business. Pick the right colors and you will see high conversions and increase of revenue, pick the wrong colors and you might be standing in the Sahara dessert, alone and miserable.

Some people are indecisive about which color to use. Don’t be afraid to use it, and at the same time don’t abuse it. Yes, there are people who will paint each wall in their home a different color. Trust me, it is not a pretty sight. I once had an overwhelming experience as a sale representative. I met a young and incredible couple. Once I sold them on the product I was selling, they let me into their bright and colorful home. Everywhere I looked I was surrounded by a different color. It was too much, too much I say! It was like a rainbow had exploded into their home. I wanted to run, but I could not, not until they signed the contract. Afterward the deal was closed, I ran out of there a fast as I could.

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