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Qualifying Leads for your Sales Team: A Marketer’s Approach

If you were to ask any B2B or B2C company what it is they would like to have more of, they would more likely than not tell you sales. Who wouldn’t right? More sales means more money, and who doesn’t want more money? But in order for most companies to get more sales, they first need more leads.

Many companies depend on a steady stream of leads for their sales team to try and close in order to build revenue. Unfortunately, sometimes this setup pits the marketing and sales teams against each other in terms of what leads are ready to pass on to the sales team to close and which ones aren’t. Where the marketing team may think a lead is ready to go over, the sales team may see it differently and not find that lead ready.

As I’ve helped many companies with their marketing strategies, a key component I’ve found is that the marketing and sales teams need to be in constant communication and work together so that the sales team is getting the best possible leads and can close them more easily.

How can this be done? Well here are just a few ways the marketing team can help ensure only the best qualified leads are being sent over.

Marketing Automation

BUT EVERYONE IS DOING IT: Is Marketing Automation A Good Fit For You?

Some of you may have heard of it… A bunch of you hear how obsessed some marketers are over it… What am I referring to?

Marketing Automation.

This is a hot topic right now in the world of digital marketing, but most companies still have no idea about what it can do for them.

Marketing automation is the process of streamlining certain processes such as lead generation, email marketing, social media management, lead nurturing, and segmentation. Please don’t think it is limited to just these processes, I just named a few.

Best of all, it can be used for business of all types, whether you find yourself in the B2B or B2C industries. Did you know that 79% of top-performing companies have been using marketing automation for more than 2 years?

So you’re feeling a bit left behind? Let’s get you caught up!

A Complete Guide to Having A Marketers Utility Belt


A Marketer’s Utility Belt

In our time, Batman has become a crowd favorite superhero. However, this billionaire orphan who fights crime at night wouldn’t have had much success without his utility belt. All those tools and gadgets allow him to appear greater than a mortal man. The same can be said about a digital marketer. We would be nothing without our software tools and platforms (utility belt). The basic tools that I’m going to outline that every marketer should have for their company is an email list, marketing automation, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Blogs,  and Social Media.

HubSpot & Salesforce: The Ultimate SaaS Power Couple

Hubforce: The Ultimate Saas Power Couple

If I were to bring up the phrase “power couple”, I’m sure there are a few celebrities that would come to mind. It’s even gotten to the point where these couples have nicknames so we don’t have to say their full names, super convenient. We’ve got “Brangelina” (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), “Bennifer” (Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner), and everyone’s favorite only because it was forced upon us, “Kimye” (Kim Kardashian and Kanye West).

While all these examples are celebrities we are familiar with mainly because they entertain us, allow me to introduce you to a different kind of power couple in their own right, one that is kicking SaaS and taking names. Ladies and gentlemen, “Hubforce”. And no Kanye, Beyonce’ isn’t doing it better than them so you can sit down.

Which Marketing Automation Tool is Right for Your Business?

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