Content Marketing and SEO: Which Comes First?

Content marketing and SEO are the two most popular topics in digital marketing. But which practice is more important? The answer is the one that marketers should begin with and make a priority.

The more you get into content marketing, the more confusing it gets. So here’s a rule of thumb that you can always turn to when in doubt: focus on creating quality content that offers value for readers. You’ll find that when you do this, everything else seems to fall into place.

B2B Marketing of the Near Future: Focus on One-on-One Customer Relationships

It seems that b2b marketing still has problems sometimes in nurturing singular relationships with customers. The thought that dealing with the bigger picture is more appropriate might be understandable when the most profit needs to be made quickly. But is that really the best approach to capturing customer loyalty? Some new ideas are emerging that may help b2b businesses think a little differently on how to market online, and especially in-between the times when a sale takes place.

Why should you focus on one customer at a time rather than trying to capture as many companies as possible? Some b2b businesses might be baffled by this when targeting individuals is typically a b2c approach. Regardless, when a b2b business nurtures a singular customer relationship, it taps into understanding that client a little better in knowing exactly what they need to solve a problem.

Why Transparency is Essential for Content Creation

There’s one element of content creation that can’t be skipped over, ignored, or substituted. You can post content often, use social media data and analytics, and interact with customers, but it won’t mean anything unless your content features this one quality.

We’re talking about transparency. If your social media followers don’t trust your content, it won’t be worth anything. And the only way to gain their trust is to convince them that you’re transparent in your marketing efforts. No transparency, no trust. It’s as simple as that.

How Marketers Are Changing their Online Marketing Strategy

Your online marketing strategy should be constantly updated to incorporate new trends and platforms. Business owners are investing in online marketing more than ever before. It’s important for you to know why these companies are investing more and which forms of online marketing they are investing in.

Are Infographics Worth the Time and Effort?

Infographics are effective for a number of reasons. Because they’re not essentially text-heavy, readers can easily detect the most important information. Infographics usually take the results of a survey or research and organize the statistics in a logical way. They play an important role in content marketing for businesses of all sizes.

The most notable feature of infographics is that they’re aesthetically-appealing. Skimming through an infographic is completely different than reading an entire article. Because of their spaced-out layout, businesses have a better chance of people reading entire infographics as opposed to white papers and articles.

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