Essential List of DIY Marketing Materials

Digital marketing can be complex. With so many different tools, apps, platforms, channels, and integrations – finding the best solutions can be a daunting task. So we compiled a list of the easiest, cheapest, most user-friendly tools every digital marketer should be taking advantage of. You’re welcome.

The Rise of Programmatic Marketing: and What it Means for B2B

The Rise of Programmatic Marketing: and What it Means for B2B

Digital marketing has evolved vastly in the 25 years since the infancy of the internet. Online marketing efforts have been  in constant flux as new technologies come into play that change the game, and advertisers have more tools available now than ever before. It’s a great time to be in the online marketing world, and the perfect time consider programmatic marketing.

Are Buyer Personas Just A Waste of Time?

Are Buyer Personas A Waste of Time?

When you have work that needs to get done ASAP, it is easy to push a seemingly less important task – like creating buyer personas – to the back burner. After all, you have work to do. You need to make sure  blogs are published, social media posts are up, ads are running and performing like they should, and that all your long form content is up to snuff. It is easy to get consumed by day to day tasks, and forget about buyer personas. But when you put off creating buyer personas, you are actually limiting yourself, as well as the content and ads you create.

A Complete Guide to Having A Marketers Utility Belt


A Marketer’s Utility Belt

In our time, Batman has become a crowd favorite superhero. However, this billionaire orphan who fights crime at night wouldn’t have had much success without his utility belt. All those tools and gadgets allow him to appear greater than a mortal man. The same can be said about a digital marketer. We would be nothing without our software tools and platforms (utility belt). The basic tools that I’m going to outline that every marketer should have for their company is an email list, marketing automation, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, Blogs,  and Social Media.

5 PR Secrets Every Marketer Should Steal

There’s a constant power struggle between marketing and public relations. Are they the same? Are they both necessary?

As a public relations graduate working in a marketing world, I can attest that no, they are not same and yes, they are both definitely necessary. I think that the best explanation for the two industries can be explained by their core definitions.

A 25-word definition of marketing from the American Marketing Association says marketing is “the activity, set of instructions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

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