100 Essential Articles for Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vibrant and rapidly-evolving industry. While there is no shortage of blog posts and articles written about the topic, not all are worthwhile.

Fortunately, we’ve collected a list of 100 of the best content marketing articles, from many of the leading voices in the industry. Let us know if we missed any in the comments below!

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Facebook’s Business Manager And Its Uses For Your Social Media Marketing

Do you ever wonder why a large social platform like Facebook suddenly begins to push a service that has been in place for a while?

Recently, that’s what’s been happening with Facebook’s Business Manager. And while the tool is undoubtedly useful, some of these messages may be a bit misleading, which is why we decided to write this post. Keep reading for an introduction to Facebook Business Manager, and how it can help your social media marketing.

Giving Your Persona a Personality

When I first read about the concept of creating a persona, it was targeted toward creating a design persona. I thought it was an interesting idea, but ultimately not that useful for me. Then I had to create a design persona as a part of a project to fix a process. Once I started doing research, I was utterly surprised by the responses I got from users. I thought I knew my users and what they thought and wanted. Turns out, the form (and by extension, the process) that I thought was so terrible, they thought was fine. They didn’t have nearly as many problems or grievances with the process as I did, or as I thought they would.

6 Tips for Knowing How to Use Humor in Your Marketing

Everyone who has ever typed LOL in a text message is, shall we say, not always telling the truth.

In fact, 97% of these so-called “LOL” moments are more like LIMH (Laughing In My Head) or LIMHASALAMSCQ (Laughing In My Head And Smiling A Little And Maybe Sort of Chortling Quietly).

All of our scandalously untruthful LOLs tell us something: it’s hard to be truly funny. It really is. Especially in marketing — and especially when you’re trying really hard to be funny in marketing. (It seems the harder you try, the less funny you get.)


Effective humor, however, is not a mysterious black magic that only the chosen few can summon at will. As comic geniuses like Jerry Seinfeld have preached for years, good comedy is a science.

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