Ultimate SEO Checklist & Guide For 2015

Even in today’s marketplace, Search engine optimization can make or break a business. Whether it’s a newly launched website, a redesign, or a new marketing push, implementing an SEO strategy is a key part to ensuring long term success for any organization. This on-site SEO checklist & guide is set up to help with each one of those initiatives. By providing not only a checklist, but explanations and a list of tools and resources, this will be your ultimate guide to becoming an on-site SEO master in 2015.

I’ve split this SEO checklist into easy to read sections so you can check off each attribute as you go along. I focus on proven search engine fundamentals, but also include insider tips from successful campaigns that we’ve seen at Foxtail Marketing. Read, learn, and enjoy.

Improving Your B2B Lead Generation With Inbound Marketing

Improve your B2B Lead Generation

Using inbound marketing to attract prospects to your products or services has proven to be both efficient and cost effective for organizations that take the time to utilize it. We live in a time where digital marketing must be customer-centric, dynamic, and readily available to your customers on the platforms they know and love. Fail at any one of these and you’re marketing efforts are destined to drain your resources, and end up in the land of forgotten campaigns where there is no return. This is especially true when focusing on B2B lead generation, which can be considered the holy grail of business marketing. Creating quality leads means filtering out unfit prospects that wouldn’t be ideal customers, and utilizing strategies that target every stage of the sales funnel. Lets take a look at some of the ways that inbound marketing techniques can make this process easier.

The Missing Link – Analyzing Qualitative Data

Its well past midnight and the only light visible is the gentle glow of your computer screen. The only sounds, the clicks and taps of your keyboard and mouse. This is the third consecutive night you’ve worked into the darkness trying to solve the puzzle. Your eyes dried by the computer screen as you study the analytics, the content, and the strategy. You feel like giving up, but that isn’t an option.  After all, you have an important job to do…You’re responsible for the digital marketing strategy for your company.

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