Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Applying Agile Project Methodology for Client Success

Operating in the Chaos:

Marketing is chaos. It’s literally living in a day-to-day world that is equivalent to that of a crazed hipster who spontaneously jetted to Spain to run with the bulls. Said hipster also made this decision after they had sustained their entire life on a diet of gummy bears and diet coke. Bulls constantly are running at marketers, and they aren’t always prepared for the ever-changing scope of the industry.


Even if we pretend traditional marketing doesn’t exist, the wide variety of digital mediums, platforms, deliverables, projects, designs, etc., etc., is enough to make it entirely too easy to miss a step, or make a simple mistake that derails an entire campaign.


Communication in marketing is one of the most important pieces to ensuring campaigns run smoothly. Internal & external communication are absolutely crucial. Running an agile and transparent campaign with all parties drastically improves results for marketers.

The Secret Recipe to Creating an Army of Agile Marketers


Trying to get a marketing team to run efficiently without killing their creative drive is often like walking through a mine field. You may have heard words like this flowing around the office, “Listen, Boss man, these adorbz cat memes are totes inspiring my next viral world takeover campaign.” So where is the happy medium? Let your creative teams blossom under the agile methodology.

Agile Marketing is a term that refers to a project management methodology started by developers back in 2001. The agile philosophy is simple, easily implemented, and transforms marketing teams from “The Office” characters into a marketing arsenal.

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