Promotional Strategy in 2015 Using Google Trends: What You Should Know

What Promotional Strategy Should You Be Using?

According to Larry Page the mission for Google Search is to design the perfect search engine which “understands exactly what you mean and gives you back exactly what you want.” Whether it’s a website, image, video, or even an android app, Google Search is primarily used as a catalyst to obtain the best possible resources quickly. In fact, close to 500 billion NEW unique queries have been inserted and tracked in Google’s search engine since 2003. All of which have been used to refine their search engine and bring a more seamless and less cluttered experience to the web.

When Google Trends and Google Insights merged in 2012 it provided an inside perspective on search terms and search volume for every region and category within Google’s reach. Using this data, anyone with a computer and an internet connection can research promotional strategy, topics, people and keywords that are in demand on the world’s most popular search engine. Online marketers can leverage this information further by investigating their own niches and product offerings to better understand their customer needs and markets. Our team did just this, and set out to analyze the best promotional strategy for online marketing in 2015 . Our goal was to use Google Trends to identify the most effective and modern digital trends, and find where b2b businesses should be investing their time, money, and resources. Here’s what we found:

Incorporate Multiple Types of Digital Marketing Into Your Promotional Strategy

The amount of digital marketing channels that are available can seem overwhelming, and as a result some people focus on only one or two of them. Now that people are starting to change the way they access data (i.e. mobile), it’s time to start expanding the reach of your promotional strategy. Here are some of the top digital marketing channels to consider adding to your existing strategy:


Thanks to the prevalence of email spam, many companies have become shy to use it for their marketing. This is unfortunate because a good email campaign can bring in a bunch of leads that wouldn’t otherwise be obtained. Of course, good emails require good content so that recipients will be glad to both get and read your emails. Such content generally falls into two categories: Newsletters and promotions. Both styles are important for a good campaign – people love to read news, but they also like to receive special treatment and promotions.

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