Qualifying Leads for your Sales Team: A Marketer’s Approach

If you were to ask any B2B or B2C company what it is they would like to have more of, they would more likely than not tell you sales. Who wouldn’t right? More sales means more money, and who doesn’t want more money? But in order for most companies to get more sales, they first need more leads.

Many companies depend on a steady stream of leads for their sales team to try and close in order to build revenue. Unfortunately, sometimes this setup pits the marketing and sales teams against each other in terms of what leads are ready to pass on to the sales team to close and which ones aren’t. Where the marketing team may think a lead is ready to go over, the sales team may see it differently and not find that lead ready.

As I’ve helped many companies with their marketing strategies, a key component I’ve found is that the marketing and sales teams need to be in constant communication and work together so that the sales team is getting the best possible leads and can close them more easily.

How can this be done? Well here are just a few ways the marketing team can help ensure only the best qualified leads are being sent over.