Reducing SaaS Churn with Customer Journey Maps

Imagine with me for a moment…

You own SaaS company. You typically onboard 30 new clients each month, with an average spend of $850 per account. However, with an average monthly churn rate of 7%—which is alarmingly high, although not uncommon in the B2B space—you’re losing several thousand dollars a month. All things remaining equal, in this scenario, you will lose tens of thousands in revenue over the course of one year. (For those of you who are more mathematically inclined, I recommend clicking the link above. You’ll see all sorts of equations that will help you understand this point more clearly).

It’s easy for many SaaS companies to neglect a few thousand dollars here and there, especially when experiencing significant growth month over month; however, even rapid growth with a monthly churn rate hovering above 5% can prove your organization’s downfall.