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6 Tips for Marketing Your Dental Practice

Word of mouth is great, but let’s face it: when it comes right down to it, bringing people into your dental practice requires serious marketing effort. Dental practice marketing relies on a number of strategies. You want to bring in local traffic that is interested in exactly what your practice offers. Thanks to the internet, your marketing strategy may look vastly different than it did just a few years ago as you take advantage of search engines, organize your social media accounts, and turn your webpage into a functional marketing tool that will enable people to find your practice.

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CASE STUDY: How to Jump Your Competitors in the Map Pack

Before I dive into the case study, let’s make sure everyone knows what Google My Business and Google Map Pack are and why they are so important. Google My Business allows you to create an account for your business that will tell Google certain aspects of your business like location, hours of operation, what you’re about, etc.

Google My Business puts your business info on Search, Maps, and Google+ so that customers can find you, no matter what device they’re using.

Google Map Pack is the map that shows up towards the top of the page when one searches for something that is location based. I.E. I Googled “restaurants near me” and took a screenshot of the Map Pack. The area highlighted below in red shows you what the Map Pack is.

So why are local listings in the map pack so important? Gregg Stewart, from Search Engine Watch wrote an article that shows local listings are the most relevant and trusted by consumers. These aren’t ads, you don’t have to pay to get to this position, you just need to convince Google that you deserve to be listed on the Map Pack, and at the top. If you’re new to using Google My Business and Google Map Pack read more about how and why to get listed on Google My Business.

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Company Info Now Displaying In Google SERPs

Using The Knowledge Graph To Update Your Companies Information

Marketing Land recently put out an article describing how to edit your information in the knowledge graph. This is great news for companies and marketers alike, because it gives “company representatives” the opportunity to edit and display the information that they feel is most important to their brand.

After looking into this further, we discovered that Google seems to be looking to expand where this and other data is being utilized within the Google SERPS. Now, this isn’t a wholly new feature as Barry Schwartz did announce the testing of this feature a little while back on Search Engine Roundtable, but it does appear that the feature is now out of testing and is live in the core algorithm for almost every SERP. Below is an example of how Google may be using this information in the future to help their users get a better understanding of how and why this information is being displayed.

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Content Creation: Is It Time to Let Someone Else Do the Writing?

As a website owner, you might handle as much of your content creation as possible. There might be multiple reasons why you do so — you might enjoy writing about your industry, you might want to establish yourself as an expert in your field or you might simply want to save money by creating the content yourself instead of hiring someone else.

There is certainly nothing wrong with crafting your own blog posts and otherwise creating your own content — it helps you be more involved in your website and its online marketing and can actually be a lot of fun. However, there are some situations in which it might be a better idea to bring in an outside party to help you. You can always hire writers to write for you every week or to write for you temporarily, or you can look into taking on guest posts from others in the industry. These are a few signs that it might be time to let someone else do the writing for a little while.

B2B Guide to Social Media

9 Ways to ensure Images are Having an Impact on your Site

Images are a necessary part of any web page. When users arrive at your web page, they expect to see high-quality images. While images are valuable to the user experience, they are also essential to search engine optimization. If you want images to drive traffic to your website, then you need to follow these tips.

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