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The 3 Types of Instagram Advertising and Which One is Right For You

Make no mistake: Instagram advertising can be a powerful social media marketing tool, particularly if you are looking to reach young adults. The network now boasts more than 300 million monthly active users, and has become the preferred social media network of teenagers across the U.S.

Add to that the fact that because Instagram only recently announced the ability to advertise, the environment is relatively noise-free.

Increasingly, digital marketing is becoming a placement battlefield in which countless brands battle for position to advertise to the world’s most desirable audiences. On Instagram, you can still place your ads effectively without worrying about your competitors doing the same.

And yet, as with any other type of digital marketing, plenty of variables will influence whether your ads are successful. And perhaps the most important of these variables is the type of ad you choose to promote your business. Which type is right for you? Keep reading to find out.

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Facebook’s Business Manager And Its Uses For Your Social Media Marketing

Do you ever wonder why a large social platform like Facebook suddenly begins to push a service that has been in place for a while?

Recently, that’s what’s been happening with Facebook’s Business Manager. And while the tool is undoubtedly useful, some of these messages may be a bit misleading, which is why we decided to write this post. Keep reading for an introduction to Facebook Business Manager, and how it can help your social media marketing.

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Content Marketing: How Much is Too Much?

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways of generating traffic and acquiring sales leads. In order to get the high amounts of traffic that businesses want, they need to produce a high amount of quality content. The problem is that companies tend to overdo it, which can actually hurt their traffic more than help it. Here are some tips to help you decide exactly how much content you should be posting and when.

5 Reasons Why Instagram Is a Bigger Deal Than You Think

When most companies talk about social media, the “Big 3” come to mind: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But, why is nobody paying attention to Instagram?

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform to date. Monthly active users increased by 100 million in just nine months. While this growth comes mainly from the younger crowd, Instagram is expected to be the most used social media platform among millennials within the next five years.

5 Growth Hacks to Build Your Twitter Following

5 Growth Hacks to Build Your Twitter Following

Twitter can be a daunting social media platform because it’s not like Facebook or LinkedIn where you can just mutually connect with someone. On Twitter, you are stuck with following someone, and waiting day after day for them to follow you back, only to be left devastated and heartbroken. Seriously though, it can be a difficult task trying to gain a larger following. Whether you’re new to the world of Twitter, or have been around for a while but still haven’t really spread your wings, then feast on these few tips that have helped me drastically improve my dismal Twitter following.

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