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Take Advantage of Social Media to Help Your Practice Grow

If you’ve opened a medical practice in a new community, you’re looking to spread the word, and connect with potential patients. Social media, specifically Twitter, Facebook and a blog, can help spread awareness and provide more in-depth information about your medical practice, area(s) of specialization, new patient specials, and more. Social media is a great way for a medical practice to “meet the community” virtually speaking, and give them a way to connect.

Facebook Ads - Foxtail Marketing

Niche Markets are the New Black in Social Media Marketing


If you are even remotely a part of social media marketing, then you already understand what a target market is. This group of people is invaluable to your business. They love your products and will, hopefully, tell the world about them.

However, something new has recently burst onto the scene that is poised to send the target market back into the dark ages. This new concept is a niche market or a custom audience. The main difference between a traditional target market and this type of market is that it is more fine-tuned around your business.

Instead of just focusing on a general group of people, like women over the age of 30, you focus on something much deeper. You take a look at the goals and dreams of your customers, the interests that they share and the ways they benefit from your products. Then, you throw all of this together into an amazing new way to find customers.

Facebook Ads 101: Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

A Facebook ad is an amazing tool for social media marketers. Not only does it have the power to increase sales, but it can bring new customers into the business.

These types of ads are also extremely cost-effective when compared to traditional advertising. Very little time and money needs to be spent to create one.

As simple as these ads are, there are still certain things that can make them more powerful. Discovering the proper way to create a Facebook ad is something that can help marketers avoid mistakes.

Before getting started with Facebook advertising, it is always best to learn as much as you can about the process. Here are some things you should keep in mind when you are creating your Facebook ad.

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Designing your Facebook Ad

Getting started with Facebook advertising is pretty simple. With a budget and a plan, anyone can create an ad with very little effort.

The final step in the process of creating ads on Facebook is the process of actually designing the ad itself. While it is also a simple process to go through, there are some specific things you will need to do to get the ad right.

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