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Creating The Best Infographic Ever

You know those people who are smooth talkers, the ones who speak very eloquently and are fascinating to listen to, right? They have a way of using captivating words, they are great storytellers. They make incredible marketers, if they aren’t already. Infographics are, or at least they should make great storytellers, they should be captivating and beautiful. Unfortunately, not all succeed in drawing you in. You will glance at it for a second, think nothing of it and move on.

On the other hand, when you come across a beautiful, well designed and captivating infographic you will, first of all, take the time to admire it, second read it, instead of glancing at it, and third…share it with the whole world! Why? Because it is the best infographic ever!

What separates a good infographic from an awesome, unbelievable and great infographic? A good infographic will show you interesting data through pretty graphics while a mind blowing infographic will tell you a story so thought provoking that the viewer will read all the nuggets of data until the conclusion. Here are 5 must have elements to have your talented designer include in your infographic.

Getting out of your Design Funk : The 5 Easiest Ways to Jumpstart your Creativity

If your brain feels like it’s full of jelly, body aches, heart won’t stop seizing up in your chest and you can’t think of a good idea to save your life. You might just have Designer’s Block. If “I don’t get creative block” is your first response you’re either lying or stealing. Now move aside and listen up. I have a cure for all your woes! 5 cures in fact.

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Digital Marketing

There are a number of different task and day-to-day responsibilities that marketers are faced with when it comes to executing their digital campaigns. Some of these task include creating buyer personas, SEO, social media, sales conversions, and content creation. To be honest, it’s quite difficult for any CMO or marketing team to handle and because of that it’s very easy for marketers not to maximize the potential of their marketing campaigns. A great solution for all of the marketers that don’t have the time and resources to execute their marketing campaigns on a high level is to outsource to a digital marketing agency.

22 Millennial Marketing Tips from a 22 Year Old

Every company cares about one thing: getting more leads. They come up with solution after solution to generate leads and increase revenue. But there’s one highly influential market where companies seem to miss the mark: millennials.

Companies, specifically B2B companies, may see marketing to millennials as a waste of time. Millennials aren’t the CEO’s and key decision makers of most companies. But they are the buzz generators. Creating a campaign that millennials are drawn to will get them talking, and higher management will recognize the excitement.

To Demand Gen or to Lead Gen; That is the Question


Demand Generation vs Lead Generation

What is the difference you ask? Tell you I will.

The purpose of demand generation is to create awareness about your company, show value propositions, and to engage people to get them excited about your brand. Whereas the purpose of lead generation is to obtain prospects contact information for further marketing efforts and sales.

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