Are Buyer Personas Just A Waste of Time?

Are Buyer Personas A Waste of Time?

When you have work that needs to get done ASAP, it is easy to push a seemingly less important task – like creating buyer personas – to the back burner. After all, you have work to do. You need to make sure  blogs are published, social media posts are up, ads are running and performing like they should, and that all your long form content is up to snuff. It is easy to get consumed by day to day tasks, and forget about buyer personas. But when you put off creating buyer personas, you are actually limiting yourself, as well as the content and ads you create.

You’re Doing it Wrong: Marketing to Only Decision Makers

Targeting decision makers and C-Level executives has been a primary strategy for many B2B marketers in the past.The belief being, why target people who ultimately can’t make the purchasing decision? This question has it’s ground, but with the ever-changing world of marketing and business structure, it may be time for you to investigate other options.

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