5 Ways Your Site is Craving an Immediate Mobile Makeover

5 Ways Your Site is Craving an Immediate Mobile Optmization Makeover

The world is quickly shifting into a mobile habitat, and if you haven’t invested into building a mobile version of your site yet, I’ll tell you who has, your competition. All of your mobile visitors are being swept from right under your feet, and you didn’t even know it.

Here’s a perfect example of how a “mobile makeover” can drastically change the user experience you provide to your mobile visitors. Take a look for yourself:

Your 4th Grade Teacher Didn’t Know How to Market and Comic Sans Still Doesn’t Work

We have all been exposed to it, whether it was in elementary school, a previous job (let’s hope its not a current job) or by a loving mother. Comic Sans has been in our lives, and it has altered human minds across the globe. If you need proof of its awfulness, then checkout this article, and any doubt will be destroyed. My 4th grade teacher didn’t know how to market, but you do know how to market, and so you know better than to actually use Comic Sans.

I have asked myself, isn’t there some way that this could be destroyed from existence? Can’t there be someway to annihilate it from the eyes and minds of the rising generations?  It is during these moments when I realize that the opposition exists, only that we may appreciate true beauty and goodness.

What is This UX of Which You Speak? Using UX to Make Your Website Ultra-Intuitive

If you’re involved with website or software design at all, you know that the huge buzz words floating around right now are user interface design (UI), and user experience design (UX). Since these both have to do with users, the jobs often get lumped together, making them seem like the same thing. While they are related, UI is generally more about coding and actual website creation, while UX deals more with how users are going to interact with and like the site as a whole.

Now, you might be thinking, “I know what makes a good website. I’m on so many different websites all the time. I would know where to put buttons and how to make a site easy to navigate. And I could certainly do it much better than (insert least favorite website here).” And maybe you could. You could probably include all the right elements in all the right places. But could you create a good user experience?

We all know a bad user experience when we see one. You know, that website that you have to use at work and totally hate? It’s over-crowded, the buttons are in places that don’t make sense, and it’s virtually impossible to find anything. But knowing what makes a bad experience doesn’t necessarily translate to creating a good user experience.

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